Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who actually put these weapons and Bersih T shirts?

Given the cases of policemen planting evidences at will, it is very
likely that policemen and their accomplices are planting these

For Bersih sympathisers to use them are just unlikely. Too few to make
any impact against heavily armoured police forces. More effective to
just throw stones as shown by the Egyptians at Tahrir's square.

Participants at any peaceful rallies should always be ready to
confiscate weapons from any armed groups and check their
identifications and record their pictures. If possible make citizen
arrests, as they had done in Tahrir's squares. Failure to do this will
allow more violence to escalate.

Molotov cocktails, parangs found with Bersih T-shirts
Teoh El Sen
| July 5, 2011

However, no arrests have been made as police are still attempting to
track down owners of the weapons.

PETALING JAYA: Police last night uncovered a stash of weapons,
including parangs and petrol bombs, which they believed are to be used
during the July 9 rallies planned by Bersih 2.0, Umno Youth and

Sources said that the secret cache was discovered in a jungle area
behind a temple at Batu 12 of Jalan Gombak Lama, Gombak, by orang asli
men before policemen were alerted.

"We found five traveller bags and two garbage bags. Inside are 44 T-
shirts with the 'Bersih' logo in two bags, 20 parangs, 36 Molotov
cocktails, 16 lighters, and hundreds of metal ball bearings for use as
slingshots," a police source said.

"We believe certain quarters planned to use them to create havoc on
Saturday," said the source.

The source said that police have launched an investigation to find out
the owner of the items, but no arrests have been made. The case is
classified under the Explosives Act 1957.

Meanwhile, local daily New Straits Times reported that four Molotov
cocktails and Bersih T-shirts were found near the Sogo ShoppingComplex
in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman at 4.30am.

Acting Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh was quoted as saying that
a civilian saw three men throw the plastic bag containing the items
near some flowerpots and alerted the police.

Pictures by China Press

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