Friday, 8 July 2011

UMNO/BN disobeys the KING

Got it from twitter. A good summary of recent events on BERSIH

The King … which king? July 8, 2011

Posted by maybl8r99 in : Bersih, Malaysia , trackback I feel lazy this morning, ankle still hurts, head still hurts (well it was good beer) and my heart still burns. So I’m just going to collect headlines and arrange them and try to decide on a perception from all this chaos.
Rolling Headlines or tumbleweed – you be the judge
Action speaks louder than words. Oh the headlines are indeed deafening and finally… Mahathir Mohd – says :
I’ve already given up on the paper printed state controlled newspaper – at least from this perspective, I’m not contributing to using green trees to print smut. The elected government seems to stand on it’s ivory tower – even higher than the nation’s monarch, our King. Astonishing… Malaysia, what have we created here?

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