Sunday, 3 July 2011

Perkasa intent is to deny constitutional right

Perkasa intent is to deny constitutional right by force, which is
against the constitution. Only peaceful assemblies are allowed. Any
threat of violence is already proof enough that PERKASA has revoked
their right to assembly.
The constitution only grants rights to free assembly who want to do it
Perkasa and UMNO have clearly demonstrated their intent for violence
and main intention is to deny people the right to PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY,
by resorting to VIOLENCE AND FORCE.
Bersih's intent is very clear. No need to change the constitution.
Ambiga adamant on rally
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KUALA LUMPUR: Undeterred by the declaration of Bersih 2.0 as an
unlawful organisation, its chief Datuk S. Ambiga yesterday said the
Saturday rally will go ahead as planned.
In a text message reply, she said Bersih was a "coalition consisting
of non-governmental organisations" and that "we do not have to be
separately registered".
When asked if the rally would continue, she said it would.

"But we will write to the inspector-general of police for a meeting,"
she said, without specifying when it would be held.
Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee said there was no legal requirement
for Bersih to be registered as a society as it was a coalition of
civil societies.
He argued that it was the constitutional right of every citizen to
assemble as guaranteed by Article 10 of the Federal Constitution.

He added that the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) and the Royal
Commission of Inquiry on the Police had on numerous occasions
recommended that the government abolish the requirement for police
"The Malaysian Bar has always held such a view and repeat our request
to the honourable prime minister that he protects and promotes this
constitutional right.
"This would be consistent with his promotion of another fundamental
right of access to justice where the PM established the National Legal
Aid Foundation to ensure accused have access to lawyers during arrest,
remand and bail applications."

The two parties which are planning counter-rallies to Bersih's
assembly, meanwhile, had similar reactions to news of Bersih's
"unlawful" status.
Perkasa vice-president Musli Oli questioned why the Home Ministry was
only finding this out now when the first Bersih rally was held in 2007
by the same key people.
He said the status of Bersih as an unregistered society would not
hamper its plans to go ahead with its counter rally on July 9.
"We have already said this before. We are not worried about getting
arrested under the Internal Security Act. We will still proceed."
Musli also said the government should be smart in handling the issue.
"Too many people from Barisan Nasional and pro-government bodies have
commented on Bersih in the media.
"What they are doing is adding more publicity to Bersih ... they have
created a 'gimmick' for Bersih."
Musli said this had also led to many from the public sympathising with
Bersih's cause.
"Only the home minister and the police should give comments, not
anybody else," he said.
Umno Youth information chief Datuk Reezal Merican said Bersih's status
as an unregistered society didn't surprise him.
"We don't care whether they are registered or not, just the motive
behind what they intend to do."
Reezal said Bersih's intent was a malicious one.
"The opposition has 79 members who are entrusted by the rakyat to
represent them. In the last three years, none of them have presented a
motion to amend the Election Act in Parliament.
"During her duration as Bar Council president, Ambiga has held
numerous forums but never a forum on amending the Election Act."
Reezal also asked why the rally wasn't taken to states led by Pakatan
"All these indications clearly prove there is malice behind Bersih so
we don't have any choice but to represent the silent majority who were
not heard in 2007.
"We will be there on July 9 to uphold democracy and sovereignty of the
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