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More lies by EC uncovered

What do you expect from liars?
This will not happen if the indelible ink is used, even for postal
Twin postal voters: the sequel
Posted on June 13, 2008, 3:34 pm, by guansin, under Malaysia.
Malaysiakini reported my discovery of so-called 'twin postal voters'
on the polling day, Mar 8, 2008. Using a very small database of voter
records, I chanced upon a pattern that 278 military personnel having
two records, meaning each of them is 'worth' two votes in the upcoming
general elections!
Since then, I have obtained a much bigger database, estimated to be
closer to 90% completeness. The same analysis is made and the final
tally of such 'twin postal voters' is 739. See the complete list of
(Malaysia Voters Union (Malvu) had followed up on the original
Malaysiakini report and made similar analysis. They did a better job
by uncovering 771, based on a complete electoral database. Many issues
and in-depth discussions on SPR database are available at their blog.)
I am not as forgiving as Malvu though in my conclusion from the
findings. I still maintain my original comments as appeared in the
Malaysiakini report, that there was a systematic attempt
to defraud the database with such records. It is one thing for
confusing use of "BIN" and "B", for instance. But how does one explain
the different years of birth given to the same persons in these
records? Even if no attempts of fraud were involved, it still reflects
a terrible electoral database that SPR is maintaining.
If SPR does adopt good operational procedure, there should be audit
trails leading to who or which processes created those records. Then
explanation can be sought.

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