Friday, 8 July 2011

Story of an Algerian where Demonstration is not allowed: Malaysian eventuality

My colleague is an Algerian. As you know, in Algeria, demonstration is
not allowed at all. Some brave ones had tried, but they paid with
their lives.

He told me that he was a big shot in Algeria and he was a professor.
This means that he works for the government but also a pious person.
One day masked men, raided his house threatening his family if he does
not support their movements.

This is the Islamic movement influenced by AlQaedah. They believe that
those who do not support their movements are infidels so deserve to be
treated as animals, i.e. they can be killed, raped, kidnapped etc. His
daughter was so frightened that she suddenly can speak. They tried to
rape his daughters as revenge but he stopped them. In Arabia, raping
women is the ultimate humiliation.

If he declare his support for the Islamic movement, the government
will view this as a traitor. It is a question of whether he was with
the government or against them.If he supports the government, the
Islamic movement will kill him and his family.

You may say, the government should be able to protect citizens. The
Algerian government is very ruthless in suppressing rebellions. More
than 200,000 had disappeared and presumed dead. People just
disappeared from their homes and never to appear again. Despite the
government ruthlessness, they still cannot suppress the armed

The same stories occur in Latin American nations where draconian laws
are introduced trying to suppresses armed rebellions in the name of
peace. Unfortunately, despite suspending all democratic principles,
they do not have peace at all. The elites live like gods. They have
life and death authority over their citizens, but their lives are
always threatened also.

This quotation summarises it very well:
"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little
security will deserve neither and lose both."
-Benjamin Franklin

This is what the Malaysian government is pushing for, slowly but
surely. More and more democratic principles and safeguards had been
destroyed. The last barrier was the judges. The laws had been changed
but actually there is nothing wrong the the laws, including ISA
because it does not violate the constitution since it can only be used
for security concerns but when wearing yellow, or in the vicinity of
someone wearing yellow, he can be arrested under the EO with 60 days
without trial, this is against the law. How fan the wearing of a
yellow shirt be viewed as threatening security, especially when it
represents BERSIH, which promotes fair election practises.

Is the promotion of fair election practises a threat to national
security, whereas, threats of violence, if someone protests against
fair election practises by wearing yellow, is deemed as not against
the security of the nation? The police is confident that this is a
fair interpretation. No doubt based on past judgement cases made by
our judges.

Even under martial law, where some provisions of the constitution can
be suspended, but there is always conditions that it must be made for
the security of the nation. Even if Malaysia is perpetually under
Emergency laws, the judges cannot interpret actions that have nothing
to do with security, rather more as a protest against misuse of power
by the government, as deemed to be a security concern. Even to the
point of charging them as going against the Yang di Pertuan Agong.

The Agong is supposed to be the guardian of the constitution but look
what has happened to his order to allow Peaceful Assembly inside
Stadiums. It is ignored by the BN government. If the government can
ignore the laws and constitutions, with the blessings of the judges,
there is no reason why they will not go against the Agong.

Judges have already sided with the BN government in cases of immunity
of State Assembly speakers, charging them in courts of laws. What is
the point of immunity of you can be charged in a court of law, and
even loses your case.

How safe is the immunity of the Agong?

This scenario will not happen if Malaysians do not value democracy
over security. The same thing has happened to USA. USA has abandoned
the wise words of its founding father: Benjamin Franklin. They will
face the same fate as Malaysia.

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