Friday, 1 July 2011

EC: Clean elections will overthrow the government

BERSIH demands clean elections. EC says that BERSIH intends to
ovethrow the government.
Do clean elections will overthrow the government????
You make your own conclusion based on these facts.
EC: Bersih intends to overthrow govt
Stephanie Sta Maria
| June 30, 2011
The EC's deputy chairman believes the rally is a political ploy and
urges S Ambiga to distance herself from it.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Election Commission (EC) today echoed accusations by
anti-Bersih supporters in branding the July 9 rally as a political
ploy to overthrow the ruling government.
EC deputy chairman, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, pointed out that Bersih's
insistence on pushing for electoral reforms at the expense of security
concerns is clear indication of its real agenda.
"An NGO that is truly fighting for a democratic process will not put
priority on a time line but on negotiations and discussions," he said
during a luncheon entitled "Bersih's demands – What is EC's
"Opposition political parties are promising to contribute large
numbers to the rally. When NGO intentions are combined with political
intentions, then it isn't a Bersih rally but a political one."
"Right now we are only listening to an NGO's perception so the EC may
have to start going down to the ground to explain the situation to the
people. They need to know that electoral reforms don't happen
Wan Ahmad explained that the EC and Bersih were meant to hold second
round of talks after the Sarawak state election but the latter
evidently lacked the patience to wait until then.
"Now the situation is being exploited by political parties which will
also take advantage of the outcome," he warned. "History is about to
repeat itself. Bersih is aiming to overthrow the government."
He expressed both regret and puzzlement over the stance taken by
Bersih chairman, S Ambiga, especially after the "satisfying"
preliminary talks between both sides last November.
'Bersih is kotor now'
"The Bersih today is not the Bersih I knew before," he told the 100-
odd crowd. "It has changed, it is now kotor (dirty). I was in many
forums with Ambiga before and I don't understand her hardened stance
"I appeal to Ambiga to distance herself and Bersih from political
parties that are taking advantage of her. But I also believe Ambiga is
caught in this situation. She has allowed herself to be trapped and
cannot withdraw now."
Wan Ahmad then suggested that Bersih register itself as a political
party and contest in elections if it intended to pursue this path.
In doing so, he said, people would have a clearer picture of Bersih's
stand and decide whether they wanted to throw their support behind it.
"This would make it easier for everyone," he added. "Right now,
Pakatan is a problem to the EC because it is not a registered
organisation and sometimes two party members want to contest the same
"We have already asked the Pakatan leaders why they have not
registered themselves with the Registrar of Societies (ROS). Maybe
it's because they couldn't reach a pact among themselves."
Wan Ahmad also repeated the EC's earlier offer to meet the Bersih
committee if the rally was called off. Ambiga, however, had said the
time for negotiations had passed.
"I'm making a final plea here," Wan Ahmad said. "The door to
negotiations is still open. The EC is not rejecting Bersih. There are
certain quarters who have urged us not to meet with Bersih at all but
this is not our stand."

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