Thursday, 13 October 2016

The oldest regatta in Malaysia, the Borneo Interport Regatta 

It shows to you how advanced Sabah was compared to Malaya. This is not the only example. Our radion communication was also among the most advanced in the world. These are of special importance to me as I live in front of the Sandakan Yacht Club and worked in the compound of the aerial farm where the original radio communication was first set up.

Sabah sailors make clean sweep at regatta

Ahmad Yusoff celebrates with other members of the SAILA team as he lifts the Hales Trophy. On the left is SYC commodore Richard Lim
Ahmad Yusoff celebrates with other members of the SAILA team as he lifts the Hales Trophy. On the left is SYC commodore Richard Lim
SANDAKAN: The oldest regatta in Malaysia, the 63rd edition of the Borneo Interport Regatta, was successfully held here last weekend.
“This regatta which is the oldest in Malaysia, in my opinion, is one of the most successful events in Sandakan this year,” Sabah Sailing Association (SAILA) technical adviser and Chief Umpire Leonard Chin said during the closing ceremony at the Sandakan Yacht Club.
Leonard congratulated the Sandakan Yacht Club (SYC) for having done a good job in organizing the regatta.
The last regatta held in Sandakan was more than 40 years ago.
He also thanked the Royal Malaysian Navy and Marine Police for providing their assets in ensuring the safety of sailors during the regatta.
“The Borneo Interport Regatta has been traditionally participated by sailing clubs and associations from Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam since 1954.
“However, I hope we will invite sailing clubs from East Kalimantan for this event in the future,” Leonard said.
Nearly 60 sailors and officials from SAILA, Kinabalu Yacht Club, Royal Malaysian Navy Yacht Club Kota Kinabalu (NYCKK) and SYC took part in the regatta held at the sea fronting SYC last weekend.
SAILA dominated the two-day regatta, making a clean sweep of the three sailing events.
The umpire team was led by Leonard and assisted by former Sabah Sukan Malaysia sailor Mabel Lim.
In his speech, SYC commodore Richard Lim commended the organizing team led by SYC rear commodore James Leong for successfully organizing the regatta.
Lim also thanked Sabah Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Haji Tawfiq Datuk Seri Haji Abu Bakar Titingan, sponsors, Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Malaysian Marine Police and all the participating teams.
The Borneo Interport Regatta 2016 ended with the Hales Trophy won by SAILA, followed by KYC and NYCKK in second and third places respectively.
For the Dusty Millar Trophy, SAILA ranked first followed by NYCKK and SYC. In the Borneo Optimisit Regatta Trophy, SAILA came in first, followed by KYC and SYC in second and third places respectively.
The Sandakan Darts Trophy and Sandakan Optimist Darts Trophy were won by SYC and KYC respectively.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Warning. PAYPAL and EBAY no longer has purchase protection.

Warning. PAYPAL no longer has purchase protection. I no longer can access it. It refers to eBay, but eBay no longer has protection. The supplier can set the delivery date to 1 year, so that you no longer can get any protection.
The most reliabile online purchase is alipay, aliexpress and those controlled by Jack Ma. Lazada should be reliable now, its terms are clearer and more buyer friendly.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Water resistance: Both the iPhone 7 and Note 7

"Water resistance test: Both the iPhone 7 and Note 7 survived being dunked in water, but both suffered from some muffled audio afterwards."

Imagine, this is 2016. I had my Sony Xperia Acro S, that was waterproof since 2013. That was my first Smartphone using Android. It was also very strong, surviving drop tests easily.

It was not just water resistant, it was actually waterproof. I took photos while underwater, despite me having a few waterproof cameras.

The reason why I only buy waterproof items, are the peace of mind that they offer. Also they require less protection from water but especially fungus. Cameras are susceptible to fungus. I had many cameras and lenses being spoiled by fungus. Nowadays I protect my lenses inside freezer bags filled with silica gels. Still a few lenses got fungus. My waterproof cameras and phones do not suffer from fungus.

Probably because of the seals, the waterproof items are also drop resistant. Shock forces can be absorbed by the rubbery seals. The waterproofing will deteriorate with time especially when you keep on opening the seals for charging or listening to headphones. I had bad experiece with my first waterproof mobile phone the Siemes. After a while the charging seal was broke or missing.

That is why I like he Acro S because it has a charging dock that does not require opening the USB seal. Later on we had Xperia V, Xperia Z1, Z2 and Z3. All are provided with external charging docks.
The Z1,Z2,Z3 and Z4 are provided with magnetic charging docks that are only slightly more reliable than the purely contact based Acro S and V.

Unfortunately Z5 does not have the magnetic charging dock so I am going to skip this model, prefering the Z4. Starting from Z2, Sony provides self sealing headphone jacks but I do not trust this type of seal but it should be more reliable than the seals that can be opened because they keep on becoming torn, so I had to order a few replacements for Xperia Acro S and V. Even Z1 and Z2 but so far, the USB seals for them are still undamaged so it was a waste of money.

My son not only destoryed his seal, he destroyed the USB socket itself becasue he refuses to use the cheap charging dock for his Xperia V. We only bought one original dock that costs RM200, because there are no cheap clones. Only wooden clones that are not reliable and charges very slowly.

When his elder brother gave him a Galazy A5, which does not have any external points for charging, I bought for him the universal wireless charger. So far so good but his fast charger is not fully utilised. The wireless charger charges more than 5 times slower.

In future, I shall only buy phones that are waterproof but also equipped with wireless chargers because even Sony has abandoned the external docks. We are left with wireless charges that tend to be much slower n charging but it is not a big inconvenience becasue most of the time we charge overnight.

Sony tend to have large batteries so we do not need to charge frequently, but I find that I still need to charge once a day if we use it heavily. When we use it for GPS navigation, the battery does not last long enough for the whole journey, despite us having on board chargers and battery cases.

Tahun ini, 4 kali aku tidak dapat bayar

Tahun ini, 4 kali aku tidak dapat bayar minum dan makan ku direstoran. 3 kali di Islamic, Jumbo, sekali di Nuryana, Gaya street.
2 kali dapat bayar balik. 2 kali terakhir, lupa langsung. Nasib baik ingat balik. Tukang jual pun sudah lupa.

Punca nya, terlupa walet. Walupun dalam walet ada IC. Kali ini, aku simpan duit di beg kunci pula sebagai backup. Dalam beg kunci ini lah aku sudah simpan driving license sebagai backup untuk IC.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Borrowing Google 360 degree camera

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

form to apply for permit to own a bullet proof vest

The form that needs to be filled when you want to own a bullet proof vest in Malaysia.


What is clearly shown by that view and witnesses, is that the world considers HOSPITALS AS LEGITIMATE TARGETS.

It makes sense in a war that in order to defeat your enemy is to hit hospitals first. Then all those injured will be killed as well. It is no longer sufficient to just win over land, but now, the best way to win is to kill everyone of your enemy.

It is must a horrible situation but this is the reality. We must wake up to the reality. Welcome to the real world. If you try to be nice, you will be killed. We must retaliate in kind when we go to war.