Monday, 4 July 2011

We are all responsilbe to Custom's Officer's Death

Buy allowing MACC to detain people indefinitely at will, we are all
responsible for his death.

The best response is not to attend any call as witness, no matter
what. It is better for you to pay fines or whatever than lose your
life. Or fight to the death rather than be murdered in secret.

This is a god fearing man, who is on the verge of going to Mecca.
Whatever the reason, his death all falls on us. He could have
attempted to escape knowing full well the risks because he cannot
stand the tortures. However this is just a lame excuse. The best
explanation is that he was murdered, just like Teo.

You may think that it only happens to others, but we will pay for such
sins with our families. I always believe that our sins will be paid
not only in the hereafter, but also in this earth.

Central Region News
July 04, 2011 21:01 PM

Wife Says Impossible For Ahmad Sarbani To Commit Suicide

KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) -- The wife of Selangor Customs
assistant director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed told the Coroner's Court here
today that it was impossible for her husband to commit suicide at the
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Federal Territory office
last April 6.

Masiah@Maziah Manap, 50, the first witness in the inquest proceedings
into Ahmad Sarbani's death, said her husband was a calm, rational and
patient man and not someone who would act in haste.

"As a Muslim who prayed five times a day, it was impossible for my
husband to do so," she added.

The mother of five children, said that on the day of the incident
(April 6, 2011), her husband had told their daughter that he would
return home for lunch.

"My husband did not tell me, but told Shahirah (daughter) before
leaving to the MACC office," she said when questioned by deputy public
prosecutor Mohamad Abazafree Mohamad Abbas.

Masiah, who was married to Ahmad Sarbani for almost 28 years, said
that last April 1, she received a call from Shahira that Ahmad Sarbani
wanted to talk to her, but the line went dead.

"When I returned home about 9pm, my daughter told me that my husband
was sleeping at the MACC office and I then tried to contact him, but

"The following day (April 2), I tried to contact him again, but there
was no response and at about 10am, I sent a short messaging service
(SMS) which read 'Kalau kita di pihak yang benar, Allah akan
bantu...kalau boleh, balik la, hari Ahad ni (3 April) kita ada kursus
haji (If we are in the right, God will help. If possible, come home.
Today (April 3) we have a haj course)," she added.

Masiah, a supervisor at Petronas, said he husband used to tell her
that he had been set up by an agent.

"I did ask him what was the problem that the MACC detained him and he
(Ahmad Sarbani) said he had been set up by an agent over a voucher,
worth RM100.

"According to my husband, the agent admitted that he had taken RM70
from the RM100 voucher, and the remaining RM30 was for my husband, but
my husband said he did not take the RM30 and did not sign the
voucher," she added.

Masiah said that when a MACC officer called to inform her the her
husband was dead, she was not informed that he had fallen from the
third floor of the building.

"When I went to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital(HUKM) with
my four daughters to identify the body, I saw my husband's face like
it was rammed against the wall and there were blood clots all over his
face," she said.

Ahmad Sarbani, who was attached to the Port Klang Customs office, was
found dead at the badminton court on the first floor of the Federal
Territory MACC building at Jalan Cochrane here on April 6 this year.

He was reported to have gone to the office voluntarily to meet with a
MACC investigating officer concerning a probe into a corruption case,
involving 62 Customs officers.

Meanwhile, DSP Sharul Othman Mansor, from Bukit Aman Forensic
Laboratory, said he believed Ahmad Sarbani fell from the pantry on the
third floor of the MACC building while trying to leave through the
window there.

"I believe the deceased attempted to jump to the roof of the MACC
building which was near the window, but failed to reach it and fell on
the badminton court on the first floor of the building," he said when
questioned by deputy public prosecutor Hanim Mohd Rashid.

Coroner Aizatul Akmal Maharani is scheduled to visit the scene at 10am


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