Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Judges' stupidity also the cause for Police Brutality in Egypt

This is an interesting comment.
The circumstances appear similar to the Malaysian cases. In Malaysia,
Policemen's statements that they shot ALL machete armed robbers to
death from a distance is believed, despite the bullet trajectories
that clearly show that they were shot at extremely short range and
when the victims were on the ground. Begging for their lives,
probably. At such short range you can't miss their legs especially
when Malaysian policemen are equipped with automatic rifles.

In the Egyptian case, the policeman's defense can produce the
coroner's reports that the victim died of marijuana suffocation
despite having his face brutally damaged. Now the policemen can also
produce two witnesses who testified that the victim's face was intact
before his corpse was brought to the mosque. If judges believe in
these statements, they are just damned stupid. And their stupidities
had caused all the disturbances in Egypt.

The question is how could any judges be so stupid? And policemen so
brutal as to commit murder in daylight in front of witnesses??? I have
not heard of such cases in Malaysia yet. Hopefully it won't ever
happen. Otherwise Malaysia will suffer the same fate as Egypt.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that two police who are accused
of brutally killing a young man in Alexandria, Egypt, have escaped
jail and are at large. The death of Khaled Said helped trigger Egypt's
popular uprising. The escape occurred when police fled their posts
during clashes on Jan. 28, and police stations throughout Alexandria,
Egypt's second largest city, were set on fire, the defense and
prosecution lawyers told The Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

The spark that began Egypt's revolution came when Mr. Said, a small-
framed 28-year-old walked into the Spacenet Cafe, one of his regular
hangouts, just yards away from where he lived with his mother. The
cafe's owner said he saw the two men in plain clothes and pistols on
their belts come in and begin hitting Mr. Said. He said they picked
the small man up and started swinging him headfirst into a marble
shelf. The owner of the cafe and his sons ran to push the policemen
out, but they left dragging Mr. Said by the hair. A crowd gathered and
watched as the two men smashed Mr. Said's head repeatedly against an
edge of some stone stairs. A doctor in the crowd was heard shouting to
the policemen, "what are you doing, he is already dead?" as the
beating continued.

According to a family lawyer, Mr. Said was a target because he posted
a video clip on youtube that purports to show the policeman dividing
up a bag of confiscated marijuana with others to resale on the street.
The clip was found on Mr. Said's computer after his death. The family
said he surreptitiously downloaded the video to his cellphone using a
Bluetooth device while one of the policemen was showing it to his
friends in the Cafe.

According to lawyers for the policemen, they say the policemen were
looking for Mr. Said in connection with two other cases of draft
dodging and theft, but when they confronted him he resisted arrest.
They say the defense will produce witnesses that will testify that Mr.
Said's face was unblemished until he arrived at the morgue.

Senior forensic pathologists from Denmark and Portugal have dismissed
the two Egyptian coroner's reports that list his death was due to
choking on a 3 inch by 1 inch bag of marijuana. The family says the
choking was faked, and have since produced a certificate that confirms
Mr. Said's military service. His killing sparked a series of
demonstrations in Alexandria and Cairo last year demanding an end to
torture by the police. Victims' rights groups in Egypt say police
abuses have rarely been pursued and even less often, successfully
prosecuted. A Human Rights Watch report released on Jan. 30 called
torture in Egypt "an epidemic." That report estimated that 5,000
people were being held in jail without trial in Egypt some for a

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