Monday, 21 February 2011

Election Commission will implement less democratic rules

According to this video, the Malaysian EC will implement rules that
will be less democratic and subject to more abuses of power.
What worries me is that, it will create more unrest and disturbances
in Malaysia if this were to be implemented and EC had been shown to be
able to implement them at will even without the 2/3 majority.
1) Doctors and Nurses will vote by POST. Incredible.
For all these years, doctors and nurses always vote at the polling
stations but why should they vote by post now?
2) People can vote by proxy also. So it means that one person can vote
on behalf of ten thousand people. Very scary indeed. Where is the
secrecy in voting?
It shows the direction that the BN government will go. It certainly is
not democratic. Will there be peace and prosperity when there is no
People in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are dying to request for democracy
and here Malaysians will just give away their democracy just like
The reason why people are willing to die for democracy is that they
know that there will not be any peace and prosperity without
democracy. You may have so called stability but at the price of police
brutality and corruption.

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