Thursday, 17 February 2011

Is coal power really dropped? Or just Election ploy

Judging from the strong support of the BN supporters who accepted the
argument that coal power is not really destroying the environment
despite evidences all around the world.
Some even put forward the ECONOMIC argument such as COAL is cheaper
than all other oil sources and is not subsidised. All lies because
COAL is actually very expensive and Malaysian government subsidises a
lot of it. It is only economical if coal is found nearby so that
transportation is cheap and no other choices such as availability of
gas and petroleum, such as in Europe.
For the eastern part of SAbah, where is the cheap source of coal?
MALIAU BASIN!!!! The part on earth that has the largest diversity of
flora and fauna. Is it really cheap?????
Sabah has an abundant of GAS. So much that it is worthwhile to SPEND
2.5billion RM just to build a PIPE????
Just use your simple imagination, and yet these idiotic supporters
still insist that GAS is not enough or cheap enough for SABAH???
Bloody idiot, considering the cost of the COAL POWER PLANT IS 2.5
BILLION RM, much more expensive than GAS POWER PLANTS, and it is ONLY
In Europe it is more than 1000MW, making it somehow economical but
that was not the reason really. More for strategic reasons. With
300MW, just imagine how economic can it ever be.
The only revenue that Sabahans hope to get is the COAL but most of the
money goes to the Federal government in the form of EXCESSIVE PROFIT
TAX, which can be up to 90%. But then the losses is even more severe.
Tourism income will certainly suffer. In total the loss due to tourism
is much more than the TEMPORARY GAIN in COAL, so that the revenue of
Why on earth would anyone consider such an unthinkably stupid move?
And the suppporters are even worse. And these are among those who love
When the environment in Sabah were destroyed, what on earth can you
photograph then????
That is why, the reason why Sabah is so backward has nothing to do
Since there are already so many supporters of the coal power plant, I
doubt, the state and federal governments will drop this utterly stupid
project. It is only just an election ploy. If they are really honest,
then convert Maliau Basin into a REALLY PROTECTED reserve!!! NONE
100 days since 1994 for the removal of poverty in Sabah. In fact, it
turned Sabah into the POOREST NOT ONLY IN MALAYSIA, but the WHOLE
WORLD, as certified by the WORLD BANK even in 2010.
A liar is always a liar. Please take note. What makes you think that
someone who lie once, will not lie again. Only idiots but
unfortunately the idiots are the majority especially in Sabah, the
poorest region on earth.
What makes you think that the promise to drop the coal power plant
will be kept?? Only idiots will believe such lies especially there is
nothing concrete about it. Not even a single thread of HARD EVIDENCE,
as usual with all liars making statements.
The FACT IS VERY CLEAR. Election is around the corner. More lies will
be given out. Someone will just say, look at UMS, one of the promises
BN made? Look at the promise carefully??? Outside of UMS, I believe
in the lies, but inside it, it is very clear that it is just an empty
Malaysia drops coal power plant scheme: minister
(AFP) – 5 hours ago
KUALA LUMPUR — A plan to build a controversial coal-fired power plant
in Malaysian Borneo has been scrapped over fears of its impact on the
environment, a local minister was quoted as saying Thursday.
Musa Aman, Sabah chief minister, said coal would not be used as a
source of energy in the state as it could hurt the environment and
damage its key tourism industry.
"Sabah needs to increase its power supply but the state cannot put its
natural environment at risk," he was quoted as saying by the Star
"The environment is the biggest tourism draw," he said, adding the
state would look at natural gas as an alternative.
Environmentalists and the government's Department of Environment had
objected to the scheme, which would have seen the construction of a
300-megawatt plant in Lahad Datu, in Sabah state.
Sabah, along with Sarawak, makes up Malaysia's half of Borneo island,
which borders the Coral Triangle, one of the world's most biodiverse
marine environments.
The vast region, which spans the seas around East Timor, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Solomon Islands,
is home to 75 percent of all known coral species.
Opposition to the power station was led by Green Surf, a coalition of
groups including the Malaysian Nature Society, which said the plant
would displace villagers and threaten endangered species, including
orangutans and Bornean rhinos.
The shelving of the plant plan will be counted as a welcome victory
for campaigners angered by similar energy projects in Boreno.
The vast Bakun dam in neighbouring Sarawak drew intense criticism
after large swathes of rainforest were cleared and thousands of
indigenous people displaced.

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