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Idiots in USA talking about Freedom and Democracy

The good thing about USA is that, they are allowed to make idiotic
comments. Unfortunately, when idiotic comments start flooding
intelligent comments, it becomes a form of censorship where the rich
and powerful dictate their wishes on the people. No wonder US citizens
are such idiots in foreign policies and basic human rights.

Demanding US to back Iranian opposition!

What can US do when US does not send a single cent to Iran but in fact
punishing its people and military with sanctions. US has been backing
Iranian opposition for ages but it can only do so by talking or
sending arms secretly to the oppositions or supporters of the Shah's
regime that had killed so many innocent Iranians doing peaceful

Equating it to backing of the protestors in Egypt is just plain silly.
In Egypt, US gives 1.5 US BILLIONS every year to Mubarak and his
regime to kill in the open, ordinary citizens. The excuse was to
prevent the rise into power of the Muslim brotherhood. Even in Iran in
the 1980s, the religious extremists are not the majority but they
were respected for their fighting spirit and discipline.

The worst is the lies. Many commented in the open that Hosni's Egypt
is more democratic that Iranian Theocrarcy. While the Iranian
candidates may be vetted and recently there are cases of voting fraud,
at least they have elections. In Egypt, they don't even have an
election at all. Unless when you call an election where there is only
one candidate is actually an election. How idiotic anyone can ever be
but this scenario is very common in USA. They were fuelled by the
Jewish lobby that try to protect Israel by all means. Since Israel
keep on breaking all rules on justice, in order to support Israel is
by breaking all rules of Freedom and Democracy. And now these idiotic
US citizens dare to claim that they are fighting for Freedom and
Democracy, even to the point of pointing out that Obama delayed
supporting the protestors while Bush actually supported Freedom and

Bush may have said that he wanted Freedom and Democracy in Egypt but
his actions proved otherwise. At least Obama still supported Hosni at
the intial stages, but finally backed the protestors by insisting that
the rules of Justice be observed. While Bush continued the oppression
of the Egyptian people. To these idiotic US citizens, SAYING is more
important than DOING.

In fact the reason why Obama hesitated was the strong presence of
these idiotic Americans. And when finally he realised the uselessness
of this case, HE HAD TO OVERIDE his advisors on the field including
Mrs. Clinton who kept on backing Hosni's atrocities using US tax
payers money.

These idiotic Americans who are mostly Republicans complained about
being taxed heavily by Obama and yet supported the spending of 1.5
Billion US dollars to suppress the people of Egypt to the point of
killing them openly. That was the start of all the protests, the
murder of Khalid Said in front of a crowd of people. And dare to call
it fighting for Freedom and Democracy.

One problem with Obama is that he had to entertain these conservative
idiots to the point that he is now called a weak President that has no
backbone in supporting what the had said in his elections,
i.e.upholding justice and Freedom.

Now this Mr. Rush here, even had the courage to tell the Egyptian
people that they are now in a worse situation than when Hosni was in
power. Can you ever be in a worse condition under a true dictator, who
killed people openly? Will the Egyptian people be better off after a
dictatorship? Nobody knows. All self-ruled democracies face the same
dilemma, and that included the Young USA when they first fought for
their independence.

At least USA does not need to spend additional 1.5 billion US dollars
of American taxpayers money to increase the wealth of Hosni that
already has US70 billion dollars in assets, and kill anyone he does
not like in the open with impunity.

By not backing Hosni also, the protestors have no reason to hate USA.
Although they have valid reasons to prosecute USA for all the war
crimes it had committed in Egypt due to its support for the Hosni's
regime, the protestors are aware that they need the USA to wake up and
return to the principles of Justice and Freedom.
At least by insisting that the Military not kill peaceful protestors,
whatever hate they may have for USA is diluted.

This is unlike the scenario in Iran where the USA continue supporting
the Shah of Iran despite the deaths of thousands of peaceful
demonstrators. If you have friends and relatives being killed by US
backed regimes, do you think that they will LOVE USA??? Only idiots
will think that way. In fact, THEY WILL WANT REVENGE. This is what is
happening in Palestine, Lebanon who have lots of innocents killed by
Israel that are heavily supported by USA also. Do you blame the strong
support of the people for Hamas in Palestine and Lebanon when you
allow Israel to continue killing thousands of innocents when just a
few Jew were killed in retaliation, or one fully armed soldier

If you are one of these people who are affected, just imagine what you
would do to stop these atrocities? Fight Isreal or fight USA? Fighting
Israel is useless because USA will back it to the end. The only and
best way to fight is to defeat USA, no matter how difficult it should
be. That is why more and more intelligent people will focus on
attacking USA in order to stop the atrocities committed by Israel in
Palestine and Israel itself.

You can always argue that it is stupid to fight for a lost cause in
fighting against a superpower like USA. But ask this Wael Ghonim.
Although he has an American wife, he was readying himself to die in
order to stop the oppression against his people, not against himself
but against his other people. Similarly for all the suicide bombers in
Israel and USA.

Wael Ghonim and all the intelligent people on earth should realise
that USA is not made up of IDIOTS ONLY. Many are intelligent and
honest as well, except that their voices may be drowned by idiots. It
is up to us to appeal to the sense of justice and freedom of these
intelligent Americans to stop US oppressions, directly and indirectly
against our people.

One way of doing it is through peaceful demonstrations and not
alienating USA unnecessarily. We can criticise US policies by pointing
out its mistakes. This is the only way for citizens of the oppressed
people to drown the idiots in US press. CNN maybe almost useless
because they are made up of idiots themselves, but we have AlJazeera
and BBC. Even these AlJazeera and BBC are also idiots sometimes but it
is due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge of local language and

For example, despite my viewing of all 3 channels, I still miss the
main message. "down with the regime", until it was pointed out to me
by my Arabic colleague. Even in English publications I had failed to
notice this change of emphasis. Failing to get the attention from
these ignorant English educated journalists, we can still publish our
own news through Youtube, preferably in English. But publishing it in
Arabic is still alright, because Videos and pictures are easily
understood, such as pictures of Khalid Said and videos of the corrupt

Although these Youtubes are in Arabic, there are comments in English
by people who express support for their movements. You may never know
that some of these readers have connections with journalists and
western politicians. Hopefully we can drown out these idiots for a
better future for all.

Will We Back Resistance in Iran?
February 11, 2011

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RUSH: This afternoon in Louisville at the University of Louisville,
Vice President Bite Me spoke about the Egyptian anti-government
protests and President Mubarak stepping down. And Vice President Bite
Me said he was not gonna talk about Egypt and then talked about Egypt
for five minutes.

BIDEN: I don't want to get ahead of him. That's not a good thing to
do. (laughter) But all kidding aside, this is a pivotal moment in
history. It's a pivotal moment in not only Middle East history but in
history, I would argue. We have said from the beginning as an
administration that this unrest, that the future of Egypt will be
determined by the Egyptian people.

RUSH: I just want to remind you, folks, we have a story from the New
York Times today: "Iran Presses Opposition to Refrain From Rally." The
mullahs and Ahmadinejad are telling anti-government, pro-democratic
protesters, "You better not show up. You better not do what they're
doing in Egypt." "Iran's authorities have increased pressure on the
country's political opposition days before a rally proposed by
opposition leaders in support of the popular uprisings in Tunisia and
Egypt." And Ahmadinejad said, "You better not do it." Now, where will
we come down? Where will our country be? Where will our media be?
Will our media and our administration support an uprising in Iran
against the mullahs there? Will Obama deliver a speech that begins,
(imitating Obama) "People, blah, blah, blah, blah, Iran, blah, blah,"
the reverb. What will Obama say to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's opposition
in Iran who want to hold a similar rally? Will there be a speech? If
not, why not? I'm just asking the questions. Here's Biden saying, "I
don't want to get ahead here of this Egypt. I really don't want to say
much about it." Here he is continuing to talk about it.

BIDEN: What the United States has said is what we've stood for and we
continue to stand for: a set of core principles. The first is that
violence and intimidation against peaceful demonstrators is totally,
thoroughly unacceptable.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Except when our union people are hired to go
beat up Tea Party protesters in St. Louis. And then we're all for
violence and intimidation against peaceful demonstrators. If they're
conservatives, if they're Tea Party people showing up at town hall
meetings, we'll send our SEIU union tough guys out, and we're all for
violence and intimidation.

BIDEN: The universal rights of the Egyptian people must be respected
and their aspirations must be met. And, thirdly, that the transition
-- the transition is taking place must be an irreversible change and a
negotiated path toward democracy.

RUSH: This is Vice President Bite Me in Louisville this afternoon.
One more bite.

BIDEN: Even in this contentious political climate in which we work,
on this issue the United States has largely spoken with one voice,
Democrats and Republicans alike speaking with the same voice. This
unity has been important, and it will be even more important in these
delicate and fateful days ahead. So I will not speak more about this
today, I had planned on speaking more about it, but it's much more
appropriate that we all wait and the president will deliver his
statement on this in about an hour.

RUSH: So I'm not gonna say anything about this, after five minutes of
talking about it, and wait for the leader of our regime to make the
statement. Any of you, ladies and gentlemen, think that whatever
comes next in Egypt will be better for US interests than Mubarak has
been? Who knows? I don't think this is good. I, frankly, don't
think so. It's not gonna be roses and tulips over there for these
people, these protesters. This is not gonna end well, wherever it
ends up. I'd love to be wrong. That's my fear about it. I don't
think it's gonna end well.

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