Sunday, 6 February 2011

First Police Brutality case where one witness survived

Thanks to the smart actions of a boy witness, who happened to be the son a police officer, Mohd Azamuddin Omar, for the first time, we witness the prosecution of a police officer for using excessive force towards killing a young driver.

The driver may be guilty of driving without a license and running away from a police car, but he does not deserve to be executed. Not even well armed robbers and pirates as what my father had done in the days of the British administration. Policemen were told not to shoot to kill. I myself read the police manual with admiration. It does not appear to be the case nowadays.

In almost all cases, all witnesses died. And note the machete that is supposed to be found in the car. This is common in all the police brutality cases that I had monitored. Luckily this time there is a witness that had survived but he should look after his life carefully because he is still not safe.

I do not blame the policemen. I blame the Malaysian society. The police manual was developed by the British people. Not the Malaysians. As far as Malaysians are concerned, police brutality is acceptable, even to the point of the mysterious circumstances, such as the death of ALL WITNESSESS. As the British manual had mentioned, there is no reason to KILL EVERYONE, even when they are well armed with guns and weapons. Let alone with just knives. The murder of all witnesses is acceptable by most Malaysians.

As the hadith had said, those who support wrong doings will have no faith whatsoever. Actually he said, those who tried to stop any wrongdoing in their hearts have very low faith, but it also means that those who support any wrongdoing, HAS NO FAITH AT ALL.

By this reasoning, all those Muslims who support and believe the police stories that people with knives DESERVE TO BE ALL KILLED, HAVE NO FAITH AT ALL. That means they are infidels, and all their prayers will not be acceptable. They all will go to hell. The bad thing is that, this hell is not only in the hereafter but also in this world. If you think Malaysia is heaven, I think you'd better wake up. Just go to Brunei and Singapore in order for you to wake up.

Saturday January 29, 2011
Corporal had no intention to harm or kill anybody, court told

SHAH ALAM: The policeman charged with causing the death of teenager Aminulrasyid Amzah submitted in a Sessions Court here that he was merely discharging his duties during the incident.

Kpl Jenain Subi’s lawyers M. Athimulan and Salim Bashir argued that their client had no intention to cause harm or kill anyone as he was just trying to stop the white Proton Iswara driven by Aminulrasyid.

“It was not a case of indiscriminate shooting. The evidence shows that the Proton driver’s unusual conduct led policemen to conclude they were criminals,” said Salim.

He added that Kpl Jenain was put under a difficult situation to make a decision.

“Should the public punish this Corporal who had to carry out his legal duty to stop the unlawful act of the driver?

“The court’s decision will send a clear message to other police officers,” said Salim.

Kpl Jenain is charged with causing the death of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid after an early morning car chase in Seksyen 11 here on April 26 last year.

Athimulan also said there was no credible evidence to show who caused the teenager’s death.

“There was no conclusive evidence to show which of the two MP5 sub-machine guns discharged the fatal shot,” said Athimulan.

He pointed out that Kons Mohd Izham Mahayadin, who was in another patrol car, had testified that he started opening fire at Bulatan Kayangan but Aminulrasyid’s friend Mohd Azamuddin Omar told the court he did not hear any gunfire at the roundabout.

However the prosecution contended that there was no reason to open fire.

“There was no provocation and the patrol vehicles were clearly not in danger.

“The accused fired 21 shots showing that he had full intention to cause harm,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Idham Abdul Ghani..

Judge Latifah Mohd Tahar adjourned the hearing until Jan 31.

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