Saturday, 1 August 2009

Swine Flu fatality of Saudi Arabia is 1.7%

This is only the case fatality rate and is consistent with Spanish Flu
in 1918 except that it is Summer in Saudi Arabia.

Malaysia, which is also experiencing summer, has fatality rate of
about 0.4% which is much higher than the summer of Spanish Flu.

The data for Saudi Arabia is troubling because the number is still
small. The true fatality is therefore much higher since it took more
than 7 days to kill a Swine Flu patient.

You can always claim that many cases are not recorded, but similarly
many deaths are not recorded, and in 1918, many cases were also not
detected. So the figure is useful as a comparison only, not as an
absolute number.

But we all know that it has caused massive suffering in New York in
1918, so it will affect our nations similarly if the same fatality
rates were not reduced much further.

It is made much worse compared to 1918, because we are supposed to
have treatment for flu(Tamilflu) that is extremely effective and we
have powerful respirators that can prolong someone with pneumonia
Saudi: swine flu deaths in kingdom rise to 4
Associated Press
2009-08-01 12:04 AM
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Saudi Arabia says two more people have died of swine flu in the
kingdom, raising the deaths so far to four.

Health official Khaled al-Merghalani says the two new victims died on
Friday. He didn't reveal their nationalities.

Saudi's earlier swine flu deaths were a 30-year-old Saudi man and a 28-
year-old Indonesian woman. Both died earlier this week.

The kingdom has registered 230 cases of swine flu _ the most in the
Arab world.

With the latest Saudi deaths, the Mideast has had five fatalities in
the pandemic.

The July 19 death of an Egyptian woman, who had returned from a
pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, prompted Arab health ministers to ban
children, the elderly and chronically ill from attending this year's
hajj pilgrimage to the kingdom.

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