Friday, 7 August 2009

Secret of low Indonesian Fatality

I'm surprised that Malaysia has surpassed Indonesia in Swine Flu
fatality despite having population of 10 times smaller.

Is it because Indonesia masters the art of using Tamilflu on time or
saving Flu victims as a result of its exposure to Bird Flu?

Or is it because Indonesia hides its true Swine Flu death toll. After
all, it is easy for doctors to hide, as shown by Saudi Arabia, that
patients die of other underlying medical conditions, instead of Swine
Flu? This is despite the fact that these same patients with so called
suffering from acute medical conditions can be as healthy as on-
service soldiers, and will surely survive if not for Swine Flu.

It is also a fact that many Malaysian visitors, who return from Bali
returned with confirmed Swine Flu, but this is also true of USA and

I like the pragmatic approach of taking the safest decision, i.e.
Malaysia had failed to save patients because it had not used Tamilflu
unlike Indonesia, because Malaysian doctors subscribe to the theory
that Swine Flu is milder than Common flu because only 10 died in one
month compared to 30,000 in the USA alone. In 3 months, there is now
1,000 deaths, so in 1 year, it will be 1 trillion if this trend

Malaysia has just started distributing Tamilflu to private clinics and
hospitals. I'm so surprised that a specialist hospital don't even have
Common Flu vaccine and Subang Jaya Medical Centre is so crowded that
my children had to wait for more than 2 hours to get their vaccination
despite paying RM177 for two people.

Some nurses there don't even wear masks, unlike Sabah Medical Centre.

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