Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Malaysian stupidity and lying causes more deaths and losses

Just imagine declaring yourself as open and truthful and yet won't
reveal where the Swine Flu hotspots are?

This is utterly stupid and lying indeed.
If the stupidity and lying only affects those who practise is, it is
alright but it has caused needless deaths and monetary losses.

Imagine, someone in the remote jungle of Malaysia, wearing masks while
driving motorcycle or tapping rubber trees, whereas their counterparts
in the towns are happily sneezing inside air conditioned shopping
malls full of people with Swine Flu, and their spectators not wearing
any masks at all, whereas in other shopping malls, they are almost
empty because many Malaysians have abandoned shopping in air
conditioned malls ALL OVER MALAYSIA.

It is just silly. Not all shopping malls are affected, at least not
now but by not revealing the places where Swine Flu were detected,
Malaysians will have only 2 options:

1. Assume that all over Malaysia, there are cases of swine Flu so
masks and other precautions are necessary. The government also
campaign strongly for people to wear masks without telling us where
there is a strong case warranting its use.

2. Despite assuming that Swine Flu are all over Malaysia, there does
not seem to be any suffering from any of their friends and family,
making them feel safe that there is no need for any precaution at all.
No mask necessary.

If the government were so truthful and well organised, costs can be
saved and lives saved. Now, all over Malaysia, Tamilflu and masks need
to be distributed evenly, even in places where there is no case of
Swine Flu at all, or places where Swine Flu cases had disappeared.

What a waste.

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