Friday, 7 August 2009

Government should give all Malaysians flu shots

Luckily all front liners were given the RM200 per shot flu vaccine by

And Influvex is available cheaply at about RM50 but it had run out
yesterday but today the queue was so long at Subang Jaya Medical
Centre. My children didn't know this but my childhood friend told me
that it must be the queue for flu vaccine. He works for MAS.

I still haven't got the time to go and so has my parents. Hopefully
this cheap vaccine hasn't been used up.

Malaysians should demand that everybody should get this vaccine. It
may not be effective against Swine Flu but it surely helps in the
diagnosis. If vaccination is complete, anyone with flu symptoms should
be given Tamilflu immediately.

For those who had taken the flu vaccine, they should demand to be
treated with Tamilflu if they ever get flu symptoms. Most probably it
will be Swine Flu. Tamilflu is also effective against other types of
flu not covered by the current flu vaccine and certainly does not have
worse side effects than Swine Flu itself.

Unfortunately the Malaysian public is gullible that they don't even
know that there is a cure for Swine Flu. Ministers and even my own
sister, who is a graduate teacher, don't know that there is a cure for
Swine Flu. They trust the government so much and the government is run
by idiots, currently those that believe that Swine Flu is milder than
common flu because it only causes 10 deaths in a month compared to 1
million in a year for common flu.

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