Saturday, 29 August 2009

More deaths due to no Tamiflu

This report is from Thailand. A blogger has difficulty in getting
Tamilflu treatment despite having high fevers and flu symptoms.

Doctors may be right. After 48 hours, Tamilflu is useless so it is
better not to give it to the patient but to let him just die.

Even hospitals cannot be blamed if they don't prescribe Tamilflu after
48 hours because it is clearly stated by the instructions that come
with the Tamilflu pack.

You just have to wait for your chances to survive. 10 000 to 1
against ARDS but combined with other complications such as pneumonia,
your chances of survival will be lower than this.

Ministry faces complaints on treatment of H1N1 victims
Web blogger dies after complaining

Published: 29/08/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

Health authorities have been dogged by delayed diagnosis and treatment
of H1N1 victims at private hospitals after a patient complained about
the problems and described his severe flu symptoms on a mobile
community network prior to his death.

Nattawut Pajai, better known as "Day iPhone" for his creation of a
Thai font for the iPhone communications device, died on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old web blogger posted his message on by
using the pseudonym "Creative 7419", saying he had a high fever and
suspected he might have contracted the flu.

But he said he visited three different private hospitals before
doctors could confirm that he was carrying the virus.

Doctors at the first two hospitals he visited checked his blood but
the test results proved negative and they sent him home after giving
him painkillers.

A doctor at Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, the third hospital where Nattawut
sought medical treatment for his illness and later died, said it was
not H1N1 but a viral infection of the heart which had taken his life,
said his relatives.

It took nearly five days for lab tests to confirm the presence of H1N1
in his body. Hundreds of bloggers have forwarded his mail through
online communities and blamed health authorities for his death.

Suphan Srithamma, a Public Health Ministry spokesman, said Nattawut
was not listed among the confirmed H1N1 cases. Private hospitals
taking care of flu patients are not obliged to report new flu cases or
casualties to the ministry despite being asked to do so.

Meanwhile, relatives of another H1N1 victim lodged a complaint with
the ministry yesterday, accusing two private hospitals of negligence,
saying they should be held responsible for the death of Peerawee
Tuangsinkulbodee, 28, for not treating him in time.

The Department of Medical Service Support is looking into the matter
and will rule in the case next week.

Peerawee was hospitalised at two private hospitals for two weeks after
developing flu-like symptoms but was not treated with the anti-viral
drug oseltamivir.

After his condition deteriorated, he was transferred to a third
private hospital, where his family claims to have paid three million
baht in treatment costs, but he died on Aug 3.

It is estimated that over one million Thais are now carrying the H1N1
virus, said Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai.

So far 14,976 H1N1 cases and 119 deaths caused by the virus have been
confirmed, says the Bureau of Epidemiology's latest report released on

A second batch of pandemic flu vaccine viruses has already been
harvested. The result of the yield rate is to be released on Monday,
which would determine how soon Thailand would be able to develop a
vaccine for H1N1.

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