Monday, 10 August 2009

1645 deaths in just 10 days into august

At the rate of 10 per month, the projected number of deaths for august
should be 10,000.

It is now 1645 and we are only 1/3 of the way. We are on the way to
this 10,000. Don't use a linear calculation. This is exponential

Let us hope that we can reduce the rate from 10 per month to just 5
per month. We can reduce the number of deaths in a year to less than
240 million, compared to 1 trillion, or just 5000 in sep, 25,000 in
oct, 125,000 in nov, 625,000 in dec,

Compared to 100 million in Dec if the rate were 10 per month.

It is proven that we can control the number of deaths as shown by
China and Japan that still have zero fatality despite having large
number of cases confirmed. I am sure that there are many more cases
unconfirmed but China and Japan didn't wait for confirmation in order
to institute aggressive quarantine procedures.

There is no need to shut down borders. Just careful checking and

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