Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A story of Swine Flu negligence everywhere

I'm afraid this is common all over the world. A 1 hour test for Swine
Flu returned negative, despite all the obvious symptoms of high fever
and pneumonia.

By delaying Tamilflu treatment, lives had been lost. All for saving
RM120. Tamilflu can be used to treat any flu, even SARS with varying
effectiveness, but it is better than no treatment at all.

A case of gross negligence, alleges victim's family

Siddhesh Inamdar

Rida Shaikh

Pune: The family of 14-year-old Rida Shaikh, who died of swine flu in
Pune on Monday, said on Tuesday that it would initiate legal
proceedings against Jehangir Hospital, where she was treated.

The family's lawyer, Asif Lampwala, alleged that the girl's death was
a case of "gross negligence." The family would claim "huge sums in
damages" and the money would be given to charity.

The girl's aunt, Ayesha Shaikh, said:

"Rida was admitted to Jehangir Hospital on July 26 after midnight as
she had very high fever and was suffering from breathlessness.
Initially, we were told that it was pneumonia. On July 27 and 28, they
told us she was suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome. On
the 29th, the hospital suspected swine flu and sent her samples to
Ruby Hall Clinic for testing. The report, which was negative, came in
an hour.

"It was only on the 31st that her samples were sent to the National
Institute of Virology, which tested her positive for swine flu. She
was administered Tamiflu. However, by that time, she was very critical
and could not be moved to Naidu Hospital [which, along with Aundh
Hospital, treats swine flu cases in the city]. Her situation worsened
and she died on August 3."

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