Friday, 31 July 2009

45% Swine Flu deaths were normal

Normal here means that 15% were completely healty, whereas 30% have
only slight medical problems.

Since this distribution is the normal population distribution, it
shows that Swine Flu does not differentiate between healthy and non-
healthy individuals.

The only clear data is on pregnant women that are more than 4 times
likely to die from Swine Flu compared to the general population.

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Home of the Newman family whose daughter Natasha has been diagnosed
with swine flu

Friday July 31,2009
By Jo Willey Health Correspondent

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ALMOST half of all swine flu deaths are among healthy people or those
with only mild or moderate health conditions, it emerged yesterday.

New figures show 45 per cent of people who have died from the disease
had not been considered seriously ill before catching the disease and
that 15 per cent of those were completely healthy.

So far, the virus has killed 27 people in England and four in
Scotland. The number of patients being treated in hospital has dropped
to 793 from 840 a week earlier. However, at least 110,000 new cases
were confirmed in England last week – a 10 per cent increase.

Meanwhile, British schoolgirl Natasha Newman, 16, from London, remains
on a life support machine in Athens after suffering lung damage caused
by the illness while on a family holiday in Greece.

Her father, Julian, said: "All our energy and prayers are focused on
her getting well."

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