Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not obesity but insufficient dose of antiviral

I got the clue from the research done by the manufacturer of the drug
into investigating the true dose for obese people.

It occurred to my child so many times. Doctors love to prescribe based
on body weight but my child is small for his age, so he is given given
a small child's dose despite his age just because he is light.

This under dose will easily create virus and bacteria that is immune
to the antibiotics or antiviral because insufficient dose is
administered to kill all the antigens.

I kept on arguing that the antibiotics is effective because his fever
subside but the rate is so slow that the bacteria has time to mutate
and adjust to the antibiotics.

These new doctors tend to under dose because this was recommended by
the doctors. Not sure how he knows because it is not shown on the
bottle. My rule is simple. One day of fever, will require at least 3
days dosage. 3 day fever, will require 9 days' dosage.

Experienced doctors will prescribe more than this dose. I met one case
where he prescribed 3 weeks of a strong antibiotic, (because my son
suffer a slight recurrence in fever,) Augmentin, a wide ranging
antibiotic. In Singapore it is routine to get 2 weeks dose of

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