Saturday, 23 May 2009

Why more deaths in USA compared to Mexico

Since April 23, Mexico only suffers 8 deaths while USA now suffers 10

Does it mean that USA health control is worse than Mexico?

USA certainly suffer from more infections. Its populations seem to
think that this Swine Flu is just like normal flu despite all the
evidences so far, while Mexico is so scared of it because of the early
deaths that they take extra cautions.

Either way, it seems likely that USA is handling this pandemic very
lightly and therefore suffer from the worst deaths. Hopefully
countries in the southern hemisphere, are not as careless as USA.

One explanation could be that USA is still suffering from cold weather
compared to Mexico but the increase in the number of Swine Flu cases
and deaths, does not make it less virulent than Spanish Flu in 1918.
In 1918, the number of deaths dropped dramatically in summer.

Either way, the southern hemisphere must be better prepared. The
example set by Australia should be followed.{0471DDF0-D0D8-48A8-9E30-ADD40CBE0269

Mexico reports 2 more swine flu deaths; toll at 80
Associated Press
2009-05-23 07:10 AM
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Mexico is reporting two more deaths from swine flu, bringing the
country's toll to 80.

The Health Department says tests have confirmed 166 more cases _
including the deaths _ for a total of 4,174 nationwide.

Mexico says its epidemic has largely subsided, but the confirmed toll
has been rising as scientists test a backlog of samples from patients.

Only eight of the 80 dead developed symptoms after April 23, when the
presence of swine flu was confirmed in the country and emergency
measures were announced.

The department announced the new toll in a statement Friday.

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