Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Normal cinema not as good as Blu-ray

I watched Star Trek last monday night literally alone. At the end of
the film I saw that I was alone at the lower floor of the GSC Cinema

I notice that the film is not as good as the blu-ray films that I
watched using a not so excellent PS3 as a blu-ray player and Mbf XD
42in Full HD TV.

Suddenly I realise that blu-ray played at 1080p even on less than
perfect equipment, is equivalent to IMAX, not the normal cinema

US has lots of IMAX cinemas but there is none in Sabah. Just read this
interesting article about Star Trek on IMAX.

How about the rest of Malaysia? Isn't it time for Malaysia to go IMAX.
Otherwise, I don't like going to cinemas any more.

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