Thursday, 7 May 2009

WHO supports drug companies instead of Human lives

WHO has made recommendations that:

1) pork meat is safe to eat despite being contaminated.

WHO had not made any attempts at controlling or tightening the
screening procedures of pork products let alone confirming that their
assumptions are correct.

Just because there is no evidence that raw pork cannot infect humans,
does not mean that it is safe to allow completely free movement of
pork meat.

In fact there are lots of evidences that raw pork can transmit
diseases, especially flu that is borne by virus. Cases in Malaysia
with the Coxakie and Nipah viruses shows clearly the relationship
between pork and flu.

We should not take chances with human lives when it comes to killer

Worst still, Mexico and USA, the hardest hit by the swine flu because
of their own stupidites insist that their stupidities be exported to
other nations just because WHO believed that it is safe to consume
contaminated pork.

Now there is evidence that virus may survive in frozen meat. Only
idiots don't know this. Have these WHO experts ever attended high
school biology or not?

2) It is safe to travel despite being sick.

Imagine someone who is coughing and sneezing still allowed in planes
despite coming from Mexico and USA, the hardest hit places on earth by
the Swine flu.

In fact, it is surprising that almost all Mexican and US citizens who
travel outside are confirmed with Swine flu despite having no history
of ever in contact with someone with confirmed flu.

It clearly shows that every USA and MEXICAN citizens have already been
contaminated. It is only a matter of time.

It is actually common sense. It takes time to confirm whether the flu
is actually the Swine flu. By the time it is confirmed, the person has
already spread it to everybody. Worst, these tests are not reliable as
shown by the 13the UK victim.

It does not need 1 hour of exposure with someone with the flu. It only
needs a few minutes to get infected. UK NHS should learn from this

Only Singapore and China has initiated quarantine of passengers who
come from certified infected nations. Actually this is insufficient to
make the border fool proof but should be enough for the moment but
even this is in jeorpardy.

It is indeed safe to travel even with the Swine flu, as long as the
nations that you travel to have sufficient Tamilflu but this is
expensive. More money for the drug companies indeed. If the detection
system is like what is done in UK, you'll end up with almost everybody
having this flu and even more money for the drug companies especially
in China and India.

Although not many deaths, all saved by Tamilflu, it will burden the
nation indeed.

3) This Swine flu is mild, just like normal flu.

If normal flu can kill a million people on earth, what is additional
millions of lives lost to this Swine flu.

There is a difference. That million killed by normal flu are those
with complications and most probably not treated with Tamilflu in

The case in Mexico, the Swine flu killed 20-40 year olds when not
treated with Tamilflu at a fatality rate of more than 10%.

When Tamilflu is taken, the death rate slowed down but still has a
fatality rate similar to normal flu. That is why the journalists
believe that Swine flu is mild.

The 2nd death in USA is a healty 33 year old, despite being pregnant.
If she were ashmatic or obese, she cannot become a dedicated teacher
especially at such an active age and would not even bear a child.

Despite the lack of information, I believe the family had tried to
hide the fact that she was treated for Pneumonia instead of flu until
one day before she died. It was too late already to use Tamilflu.

We should thank the US media for giving us the opportunity to analyse
these deaths. The deaths in Mexico is worse. We don't know anything
about them, making it even worse. The Mexican authorities are afraid
to reveal how incompetent their doctors were in not prescribing
Tamilflu early on.

Yes, Swine flu is mild, if only if treated with Tamilflu within 48
hours that the symptoms appear. Flu verification test takes longer
than that. In UK, they prescribed Tamilflu even for probable cases,
i.e. those with flu symptons that had been in contact with those who
had confirmed Swine Flu. Even those without flu symptons were given
Tamilflu as a preventive measure. New Zealand is doing similarly, but
these are expensive and only benefit the drug companies.

WHO should consider the safety of human beings before the commercial
interests of drug companies.

A rumour had circulated in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, that this Swine Flu
is a biological weapon released by USA in order for USA to escape its
economic woes.

Evidence points out this direction very clearly when WHO is only
interested in prescribing the maximum use of Tamilflu instead of
preventing flu using the most effective way i.e. restricting pork
consumption and travel, using time tested quarantine techniques.

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