Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fishy report about 2nd US H1N1 Fatality

In many reports, the 2nd fatality is supposed to be suffering from
complications such as:

1) giving birth
What is a complication about giving birth. It makes the mother

2) severely overweight

But look at her picture here:

She is a beautiful lady and her current age of 33 does not differ from
the picture shown above.

It is normal for expectant mothers to be overweight, but it won't be
severe as those in the program "Biggest Losers".

3) Suffering from pneumonia before 19 April.
Pneumonia is a sympton of this Swine flu. Swine flu does not kill, it
is the ensuring pneumonia that kills.

It is possible that they were treating the pneumonia instead of the
flu using TAmilflu until much later. She only died last week early
May, which makes her suffer for more than 10 days.

It takes more than 10 days before any fatality shows itself.
Statistically, you cannot calculate fatality rate by just dividing
number of deaths with the total of all confirmed cases. Aging must be
taken into account.

In Texas, there are 2 fatalities for 40 cases. Since they are in the
same state, their aging should be similar so the fatality should be
higher than 5%, because among the 40, many have just been confirmed.

In the early days in Mexico the fatality was about 10% when they were
not treated with Tamilflu, but fatalities continue even with Tamilflu
but I believe the fatalities with Tamilflu should drop to 0.1%, i.e.
normal flu.

As more of these 0.1% occur, more chance for the flu virus to mutate
into those that are immune to Tamilflu.

Please take note that Spanish flu has infection rate of only 30% but
fatality rate of 10%, so it makes this swine flu similarly virulent.
The difference is the availability of Tamilflu.

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