Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Just because CDC cannot find evidence, CDC is correct

Until we get to read Gibbs arguments, CDC cannot claim that it is

Even if Gibbs scientific report were found to have flaws, let us
correct them so that we may know the truth.

Only through speedily publishing reports will we be able to truly
share and enhance our knowledge. The control will not be peer reviews
but reviews by everybody.

Even the Imperial College report is full of errors and subject to lots
of arguments but it has advanced our knowledge significantly by
sharing available data.

WHO, flu experts looking into claim H1N1 swine flu evolved in lab, not

33 minutes ago

TORONTO — The World Health Organization and leading influenza research
groups are investigating unpublished claims that the new H1N1 swine
flu virus may have evolved in a laboratory, not in nature.

Bloomberg News is reporting retired Australian researcher Adrian Gibbs
plans to publish a scientific report saying the never-before-seen
virus may have evolved in eggs.

Eggs are used in laboratories and in vaccine manufacturing to grow up
quantities of influenza viruses.

Gibbs apparently claims that the virus bears the hallmarks of having
undergone "accelerated evolution" such as what happens when viruses
try to adapt to growing in eggs.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has been studying Gibbs' claim
and says it does not believe Gibbs is correct.

The CDC's Dr. Nancy Cox says her labs and others cannot find evidence
to support the claim that the virus has undergone accelerated

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