Friday, 1 May 2009

Swine Flu is from Pigs Idiot!

WHO certified that the current Swine Flu pandemic is spread by humans,
not by pigs.

Certainly true but where did it start in the first place????

It is from pigs idiot!!!
WHO should have explained this very clearly to these pig lovers.

The genetic makeup of the current type A H1N1 is a mixture of pig,
bird and human flu, true again but where did they get mixed up???
Inside the PIGS IDIOT!!!

Only pigs can become so dirty as to mix all types of flu inside its
It should be well known by now that PIGS are the containing vessels
for this flu and all other flu as well.

Another stupid comment is that PIGS are not infected at all.
How do you know if you don't do any testing???
Infected pigs don't show any ill effects, only humans die. These
infected pigs will continue to live and infect other pigs happily ever
after if nothing is done to stop it.

If the original pig can infect humans, what makes you think these
infected pigs won't continue infecting other humans as well????

In the case of Nipah Virus that killed many pig handlers in Perak, the
pigs again had allowed bat flu to mutate inside the pigs body in order
to jump to humans. The pigs don't die, only humans keep on dying. If
Malaysia didn't cull these pigs, Malaysia won't be able to stop the
Nipah Virus at all.

In the case of Mexico, if the pigs are not culled, these same pigs
will keep on infecting humans with their deadly flu which it had
cocktailed from human and bird flu genes.

Whether pigs in other areas can be infected by human virus is not
clear but if it can happen in Mexico, why can't it happen anywhere

Pigs can catch flu easily. That is why it is an ideal containing
vessel for flu variants. This should be obvious to experts despite not
having conclusive proof.

There is also no conclusive proof that pigs cannot infect humans so
why do you believe in this dangerous conclusion.

When proofs are hard to come by, we should choose the safer option
instead of a more dangerous option. We should assume the worst that
Pigs can be infected by this Swine Flu, just as humans are. Similarly
for birds.

Just because pigs and birds don't die does not mean that they are not

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