Thursday, 16 August 2012

Re: Experience designing the simplest CPU

I used the schematic design entry with verilog as its output,
generated by Megawizard code generator. The PC uses a synchronous up
counter, which can be loaded. We need to add additional logic. I have
just learned this block editor. In fact a lot of time is spent trying
to familiarise myself with the connecting methods. Wasted a lot of
time not using the rubber banding option. Should have been the
default. I tried to use conduit but was not what I thought it was. I
was trying to relabel the same bus with alternative names as used in
the book but failed. In the end just use the last bus name.

For the ALU, I simply use the adder-subtractor. Not even a pass
through. Just add to a zero.

For the machine code generation. I shall use MPLAB IDE to produce hex
from binary. With only 16 instruction memory, programming should not
be difficult.

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