Tuesday, 21 August 2012

living under a cruel government


Thank you opposition parties. You wake me up to the cruelty committed
against me these last few decades. How could I be so foolish to
believe in government propaganda.

I had to endure debts that destroy my income. It is the worst taxation
ever. I used to believe that cars are not necessities but trying to
travel by bus is both dangerous and a wate of time and money.

The high taxation was promised to give better road, public
transportation and better job prospects as a result of a good car
industry. All are just false promises. Developed nations like Japan
and UK, recently developed nations like Korea and Taiwan, have much
better road, public transport and car industry despite not having high
car taxations that are ultimately paid by every citizen.

Now the government want to compare itself with similarly corrupt and
backward nations like Indonesia and Philippines that both suffer from
acute dictatorships? This is evidence enough that Malaysia had suffer
red from similar dictatorsip illness due to its censored newspapers
and curbs on opposition parties, where stupid lies like this attached
article are forced fed to the people.

Now I had to pay for my stupidity. I spent my time paying for high car
taxes without any improvement in my quality of life. The government is
supposed to help the citizens, not squeeze them hard. It was much
better under the British colony. We cannot get jobs easily without
paying a lot of money to get useless degrees that cannot guarantee
jobs. This was despite not having natural resources like oil palm and
petroleum. Now, we are lucky if our children work in our home towns.

Now the article below claimed that to reduce car tax will make
citizens lose money because they cannot sell it back? Just refund the
tax lah! Is it so difficult to do? If you claim that it will reduce
the development projects, it was just a repeat of all the previous
lies. Don't develop lah! It is the people who develop. Once the people
have money, only then will the nations develop like Korea, Taiwan and
Hong Kong!

Even now, despite burdened by high car taxes, we are still burdened by
road tolls, road taxes and insurances. Our road tax is lower than
Thailand? Combine it with exorbitant car tax and loan shark car park
operators, then you can get the true picture. Malaysia has the highest
government overall tax without anything to show for it.

Traffic jams get worse instead of getting less.

Revised NAP likely to include policy to reduce car prices over next
3-4 years

PETALING JAYA: The revised National Automotive Policy (NAP) will
include a policy that will address the gradual reduction of car prices
in the country, said an industry source.

"The Government, through the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), had
engaged us in the past few months to discuss on the matter," he told

"There will be a policy that will tackle the gradual reduction of car
prices in Malaysia. Details of this policy are expected to be made
public in the near future," he added.

The source said the policy would outline a structure to gradually
reduce car prices over the next three to four years.

What happens to second-hand cars? Naza Group of Companies joint
executive chairman SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin was quoted in a recent
report as saying: if prices dropped, the resale value of a car would
then plummet but the loan amount owed to banks (on cars already
bought) would be unchanged.
The Government has been considering it (the reduction of car prices)
in the revised NAP and it was only a matter of time for this issue to
be addressed," said the industry source.

It is a known fact that the prices of cars are high in Malaysia
compared with Thailand.

However, it has been argued that the cost of vehicle ownership in
Malaysia is still among the most competitive in the Asean region,
primarily due to the subsidised fuel prices, cheaper road tax and
insurance premiums.

In a recent news report, MAI chief executive officer Madani Sahari was
quoted as saying that Malaysia had the second lowest cost of vehicle
ownership in the region after the Philippines.

According to him, the cost of vehicle ownership in Malaysia, compared
to Thailand and Indonesia, was lower by 39% and 12% respectively.

In terms of petrol prices, Thailand was the highest, followed by
Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, Madani said in the
news report.

Meanwhile, on the point of car prices being slashed overnight via the
reduction of vehicle excise duties, industry observers argue that the
impact would be negative for existing buyers rather than first-time

"If you're a first-time buyer, it would be like a dream come true as
it means you can now afford to buy a car that was too expensive
previously," said one industry observer who requested anonymity.

"For the existing buyer, it would mean that the resale value of the
car would have diminished overnight," he added.

It is also argued that the sudden drop in vehicle prices would have a
severe impact on second-hand car dealers.

Those servicing existing car loans will also be severely affected.

In a local news report recently, Naza Group of Companies joint
executive chairman SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin was quoted as saying
that if taxes were scrapped, consumers would have to overpay bank
loans taken for their vehicles.

In the report, Nasarudin claimed that if prices dropped, the resale
value of a car would then plummet but the loan amount owed to banks
would be unchanged.

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