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Anwar menipu Qardawi kah?

Dengar betul betul video Zul Nordin ini.
Siapa yang menipu Qardawi? Anwar kah atau Zul Noordin?
Ini lah kelemahan Anwar dan juga kelebihan Anwar. Dia terlalu percaya
dengan penipu penipu macam Zul Noordin ini. Namun ia juga kekuatan
Anwar, sebab dia sanggup berdakwah kepada mereka yang kurang Iman
macam mereka ini, supaya mereka insaf. Ini adalah antara risiko yang
kita hadapi untuk hidup didunia ini.
Seperti tuduhan PAS sewaktu Anwar masuk UMNO; Bagaimana membersihkan
tong najis kalu masuk dalam tong najis? Walaupun terbukti Anwar gagal,
namun saya sokong Anwar dalam hal ini. DiSabah pun kita terpaksa buat
begini. Sebab kawan kita semua pun bersikap najis najis semua. Namun
kita perlu menguatkan diri untuk berdakwah kepada mereka supaya faham
akan hukum Allah.

Berdakwah dengan tingkah laku, bukan dengan percakapan sahaja.

Risikonya, berkahwan dengan najis najis ini, kita pun dianggap najis
juga, macam siZul Nordin ini.
Dia yang menipu Qardawi, Anwar pula yang dituduh.
SEolah olah Qardawi ini seorang Ulama bodoh pula.
Dalam hukum Islam, menuduh seorang tanpa saksi penuh, memang fitnah.
Tidak perlu Qardawi memerlukan bukti lanjut. Kalau UMNO cuma ada
seorang saksi sahaja, walaupun pun dengan DNA didalam buntut Saiful
selama 2 hari ditahan, walaupu sudah diperiksa beberapa kali oleh
doktor doktor. Bagaimana Qardawi boleh buat fatwah selain fatwah
bahawa ini adalah FITNAH belaka.

Zul Noordin: Dr Yusuf Qardawi Deceived
Published by AIDC on December 8, 2011 | 0 Comment

AIDCNews – 8/12/11 – Member of Parliament for Kulim-Bandar Baru, Datuk
Zulkifli Noordin has admitted to have deceived renowned cleric Syeikh
Dr Yusuf Qardawi into issuing a fatwa supporting the sodomy II case
involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari

"We have made a mistake…we admit making the mistake. I was among those
who made the mistake, and I must meet up with Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi to
make amendments.

"Because…we wish to inform (that) it was true we had deceived Syeikh
Yusuf Qardawi into believing that Anwar had been slandered," he said.

As Anwar's lawyer, Zulkifli had prepared biased questions to elicit
the fatwa from Dr Yusuf Al Qardawi in 2009.

According to him, he was responsible in preparing the questions, which
sided Anwar and hiding the truth about the complainant, Mohd Saiful.

"I was the one who gave the briefing and prepared the questions
couched in specific forms to persuade and convince Syeikh Yusuf
Qardawi that Anwar had been slandered…that was how it was pictured.

"We completely avoided the truth about the case, (for example) that
Saiful was Anwar's employee…we didn't tell him about Saiful
complaining that he had been sodomised.

"We (only) described that there was slander in this sodomy case. When
he understood the way we put it, Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi immediately
issued the 'Qazaf' fatwa,"

Zulkifli, who was one of Anwar's defence lawyers in the sodomy I trial
(1998), also admitted what he did was wrong and sinful because he went
to the extent of lying to the respected cleric just to save Anwar's
reputation and image.

"Looking back, we find we have committed much sin relating to this
matter…to the extent that we even had the audacity to deceive a cleric
of such stature in believing that the issue faced by Anwar was one of
slander – an issue that needed to be addressed through Qazaf.

"That was why I spoke in parliament…we have made a mistake and I am
asking our colleagues not to persist in doing the same.

"Alhamdulillah, Allah has made me realise. I still have the time to
meet certain people and ask for apologies…and I have done so.

"I have the responsibility to meet him (Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi) to
explain and correct the situation, if it can still be corrected, that
is. If he refuses to accept it, then it will be his responsibility,
but at least I have tried to make amendments about what I have done,"
he said.

The Swearing

Besides that, Zulkifli also revealed other things that happened in
1998, which before this have not been told to the public.

This includes, the truth about Datuk Dr Haron Din and (the late) Dato'
Haji Ishak bin Baharom (the former Mufti of Selangor), who demanded
that Anwar take an oath to clear his name.

Also revealed was the truth about Anwar's 'swearing' at Lokman Noor
Adam's house in Batu Pahat, Johor and at the National Mosque in 1998.

According to him, from 1998 until now Anwar has yet to perform an

"We, as Muslims, should at least ask about this. Whether it is
convincing or otherwise is a different matter, but at least it is
something that we ought to do.

"Why is it so difficult (to take an oath)? Why is it so difficult to
provide a DNA sample? What's the problem in giving the Omega watch? It
is immaterial whether we believe or not, but yet again, at least we
have tried.

"I wish to reiterate one more time…please don't do the same mistake we
did by not asking…it was our biggest misgiving," he added.

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