Thursday, 18 June 2009

Taking Swine Flu easy causes deaths

This is the result of treating Swine Flu as milder than normal flu.
Unnecessary death when it is easily treatable using Tamilflu.

Family of Manitoba fatal swine flu victim says she was turned away
from hospital

By THE CANADIAN PRESS – 12 hours ago

WINNIPEG — The family of a northern Manitoba woman who died after
contracting swine flu says she was turned away from hospital when she
first sought medical help.

Relatives of Lorraine Wilson, 45, say she went to hospital in The Pas,
Man., last week after she became ill.

Gladys Munro says doctors told her niece that she had a cold and sent
her home.

Wilson, who lived on the Opaskwayak First Nation, was flown to
Winnipeg on Sunday and died on Tuesday.

Munro says she could still be alive if she had received proper

Dr. Joel Kettner, Manitoba's chief medical officer of health, says
deciding when to admit someone to hospital is a judgment call that
doctors have to make.

"We can't admit everybody to hospital with a mild influenza-like
illness - that's not practical and it's not desirable," said Kettner.

"We're looking carefully to see what we can learn from these (cases).
One doesn't want to draw a lot of conclusions from one or two events."

But that explanation isn't cutting it for the dead woman's family.

"I'm really disappointed in our health system," said Munro.

Wilson's brother Jeff Constant shares that feeling.

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