Monday, 1 June 2009

Pneumococcal Vaccination against Flu deaths

I got this idea from this article:

Flu, even Swine Flu does not really kill directly. It is only the
onset of other diseases the most virulent is Pneumonia that kills most
of the time.

Many details are still missing and we need confirmation and direction
from experts at CDC and WHO as well as other health control centres
all over the world.

Since swine flu or other flu vaccinations are so difficult to develop
and very expensive because it has to be taken every year, it is better
to concentrate on preventing pneumonia. I am not sure if this really
helps but this microbiologist seems to think so.

Vaccinate elderly, HKU microbiologist urges
(05-31 15:12)
Elderly people should receive vaccines for pneumococcus and seasonal
flu if there is a widespread outbreak of human swine flu in the
community, University of Hong Kong microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung has

Speaking on a radio program, Yuen quoted an HKU study last year
showing the two vaccines could effectively lower the death rate of
elderly people by 26 percent and their hospital stay by 13 percent in
the flu season.

The government should also consider introducing a new vaccine for
human swine flu if there is a high fatality rate caused by the
infection, Yuen added.

But he warned that the government must also explain to patients the
possible side effects and the health risks the new vaccine may entail.


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