Saturday, 27 June 2009

swine flu idiots! Why no flu deaths so far?

Swine flu had claimed 5 Australian deaths so far and yet none of them
are from normal flu.

How could Australian experts ever deem swine flu to be MILDER than
normal flu?

The difference in the deaths will determine the severity of Swine flu
over normal flu. If there are 10 swine flu deaths with only one normal
flu, it will mean that there will be 25,000 deaths due to Swine Flu
compared to 2,500 for normal flu.

Remember that some types of normal flu is already resistant to
Tamilflu but these are still rare, whereas swine flu is supposed to be
treatable with TAmilflu and yet it had caused 5 deaths in Australia

No details on the usage of Tamilfu but in Thailand and Chile, they had
used Tamilflu and yet patients still die.

What makes Swine flu dangerous is not its effects. It is much milder
than SARS but people take it so lightly that it will kill far more
than SARS just as normal flu is, expect that swine flu is many times
more lethal than normal flu, not milder. Australian so called experts
should wake up and study their facts clearly.

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