Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pregnant women vulnerable despite Tamilflu?

UK is supposed to be aggressive in administering Tamilflu so why
should this pregnant woman die despite not having prior illness
related to Swine Flu?

Maybe she didn't get any Tamilflu shot which is good news for us.
If she succumb to Swine Flu despite Tamilflu, this is bad news.


Losing my son after his mum is simply too much to bear

Shattered ... washing hangs at family's flat

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Published: Today
A HEARTBROKEN dad told of his agony last night over the tragic death
of his baby boy — just 24 hours after the tot's mum was killed by
swine flu.

William McCann lost tiny Jack — who was born 11 weeks early — at the
same hospital where partner Jacqueline Fleming became the UK's first
death from the virus.

Devastated William, 39, said: "My beautiful son suffered from a number
of complications.

Police support ... officers arrive at Glasgow home

Police support ... officers arrive at Glasgow home

"Despite his brave fight he passed away at the special care baby unit.

"Coming so soon after the death of his mum, this is an extremely
distressing and difficult time for our family.

Tragic mum Jacqueline, 38, from Carnwadric in Glasgow, was critically
ill after giving birth to her third son. She lost her fight for life
on Sunday.

Distraught William and their other boys, Ryan, 18, and Sean, 11, were
yesterday being comforted by family and friends after being struck by
the latest tragedy.

A shocked pal said last night: "This is news they didn't want after
Jacqueline's death — it's a double blow that's hit them hard."

Another friend added: "It is a tragedy."

Complications ... baby Jack died in the same hospital as his mum

Complications ... baby Jack died in the same hospital as his mum

The Scottish Sun revealed two weeks ago how Jack arrived on June 1
after his mum was rushed to Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital with
the H1N1 virus.

The tot, born at 29 weeks, did NOT die of the infection.

Jacqueline is understood to have had "underlying health problems"
which were not related to swine flu.

The family said in a statement: "We are absolutely devastated. We are
doing everything we can to support Jacqueline's sons and her partner.

"Nothing can prepare you for such shattering news."

First Minister Alex Salmond last night offered his sympathies. He
said: "I think all in Scotland will feel very deeply for the feelings
of the family."

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon also offered her condolences last
night for the "unimaginably painful loss".

She said: "The death of baby Jack so soon after the his mother is a

But she said Jacqueline's death does not mean the virus has got worse.

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She added: "All outbreaks result in a small number of deaths, but in
most cases symptoms are no more serious than seasonal flu."

Scotland's chief medical officer Dr Harry Burns said pregnant women
could be more at risk.

He added: "Pregnancy adds to the burden your body is under. And any
chronic conditions that put stress on a person's system will cause
complications when combined with flu."

In Scotland 569 people have the virus, with 1,391 in the UK. NHS
Scotland is spending £15.2million on tissues and towels to prevent flu
germs spreading.

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