Saturday, 27 June 2009

Deaths despite taking Tamilfu

Deaths in Chile and Thailand occurred while they are being given

Not sure if they took Tamilflu too late but either way it is worrying.

If taken too late, it will increase the chance of Swine Flu that is
immune to Tamilflu.

It it was taken on time, it shows that Swine Flu is already immune to

Chile reports four new deaths due to A/H1N1 flu
Updated June 27, 2009 09:41 AM

SANTIAGO (Xinhua) -- The Chilean authorities confirmed on Friday four
new deaths due to A/H1N1 flu, raising the death toll in the country to

The authorities said that two patients were from Nuble province, one
from Valdivia and one from Osorio.

The victims from Nuble, southern Chile, were a 48-year-old female
patient and a 47-year-old male, said the authorities.

The female patient was treated with anti-viral drug Oseltamivir from
June 15, but she was taken to the hospital due to complications on
June 19.

The male patient did not seek medical consultation on time. When he
went to the health center, he was hospitalized and received treatment.

Nuble's health official Ivan Paul Espinoza said that most of the cases
showed light symptoms.

The other death was a male patient of 41 years old from Valdivia, 800
km south to Santiago, the capital of Chile.

The seven-year-old girl in Osorio is the first one who did not have
symptoms and the first child who died in the country.

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