Sunday, 14 June 2009

Swine flu is Spanish Flu

The low fatality rate at the beginning is also similar, but it is made
worse because despite Swine Flu's treatability with Tamilflu,
fatalities still occur.

Based on reports, this Swine Flu has worse effects. Many thought that
Swine Flu is milder than Normal Flu because its fatality within the
last 2 months is much lower than Common Flu for the full year.

If you catch it untreated, you'll suffer. Even with normal flu, you
can become incapacitated in your house. With Swine Flu, you will
suffer even more especially when you also suffer from diarrhoea and

Imagine if your family and neighbours are all sick. Who will look
after you in sending you to a hospital? Worse, with so many cases,
hospitals will be overcrowded. In Australia, it has started despite
having only less than 1000 cases. Imagine if it were 6000 times more?

So imagine it there are a lot of deaths also. Despite having a case
fatality rate of only about 1%, the number of deaths alone will be
about 200 thousands in Australia. Who will bury them when many are
also suffering from this Swine Flu?

Common flu is already bad killing about 1 million per year despite
affecting only the very young and old, and availability of antibiotics
and vaccinations.

Imagine, the effect that Swine Flu will have when we still haven't got
a vaccination for it, and it affects virtually every age.

You may not die, but by being sick you are contributing to the deaths
of others, because you can't help bury the dead or send them for
hospitals or even treat them by giving them food and medicine.

This is exactly what had happened in 1918. It is not just the flu that
kill, but the lack of treatment due to overloading.

Doctors criticise govt on flu response
June 13, 2009

Doctors have criticised Australia's response to the swine flu crisis,
with some patients waiting eight days for test results or receiving
anti-viral drugs too late to limit the infection.

GPs have blamed delays and inconsistent responses at state and federal
levels for undermining efforts to contain the disease, placing the
nation on the front line of the world's first flu pandemic in more
than 40 years, The Weekend Australian says.

The World Health Organisation conceded defeat on Friday in global
efforts to confine the new H1N1 strain, declaring a pandemic.

Despite that change, Australia did not lift its own alert status to
the highest level, on the basis that the disease remained a mild one
for most of the population.

Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon on Friday sought to head-off
doctors' concerns by announcing almost $4 million in new funding to
provide extra support for GPs.

And Prime Minister Kevin Rudd defended Australia's preparations for
the swine flu epidemic as "among the best in the world".

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