Thursday, 18 June 2009

Evidence that even Super fit can die from Swine Flu

I'm beginning to doubt the statements by so called experts who believe
that Swine flu is just as mild as normal flu. They are killing
patients such as this super fit teen ager. She is not even a child at
an age that normal flu will kill.

Just imagine what Swine flu can do to less than fit individuals if
untreated or treated late with Tamilflu. Just a few hours late in
administering Tamilflu will kill.

I suspect these are what happened to all the Swine flu deaths. Doctors
just made mistakes in not using Tamillflu at the correct time due to a
misdiagnosis or misanalysis of Swine Flu virility.

Mom Who Lost Child to Swine Flu Speaks Out
By Elizabeth Braun and Lauren Leamanczyk

Story Created: Jun 17, 2009

Story Updated: Jun 18, 2009

MILWAUKEE - Tiara Mosely was an honor student at Madison High School.
She was a healthy teenager and that's what makes her death from swine
flu so shocking.

She was a dancer, a swimmer and a healthy 14 year old.

"She was healthy. Nothing to complain about," says her mother Edwina

That's why it's so hard for her to fathom her daughter's death.

"You hear about it on TV. You hear about it elsewhere, but you never
think it's going to happen to you. Not here."

It all started a couple of weeks ago. Tiara complained of shortness of
breath. Eventually, Edwina took her daughter to the ER. She says
doctors had told her Tiara had a virus and sent her home. Tiara kept
getting worse.

"It just kind of went downhill after that."

Tiara spent several days in the hospital. Finally, her body just shut
down. Edwina wants parents to take swine flu seriously.

"I was watching the news where a father was at the park with his kids
and he was enjoying the day. I was enjoying the day when this happened
with my child and you never know when it's going to happen."

She urges everyone to wash their hands and do what they can not to get
sick. She doesn't want any family to go through the pain she's

"It is hard. It's very, very hard. I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

A pediatrician says a death like Tiara's does tend to shock the
community. He says it's important to focus on good hygiene, but he
also says parents should not panic.

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