Monday, 5 April 2010

NEM want to retain workers through low wages
page 116

NEM suggest that income is only what is paid by employers but
Malaysian employers pay below poverty line.
Why should brilliant Malaysian workers work in Malaysia if they are
paid more overseas????

NEM claims that labour is the most important resource and yet do not
support high wages to retain them.

Just as NEM claims that it wants a high-income economy and yet do not
support high wages for workers, insisting that
income be determined by employers based on the skills of the workers.

Wake up from your stupidity. Facts point out clearly that for the same
skills, workers are paid much lower in Malaysia.
A nurse in Malaysia is paid 5 times lower than in Singapore. Similarly
for unskilled workers.

High income
emanates from skilled people applying
their talents to successfully meet the
economic challenges faced by society.
Malaysia cannot miss the opportunity to
put its most valuable resource to work.
Therefore, Malaysia must remove barriers
preventing its brightest people from gaining
skills, while enticing these gifted people
to remain within its borders.

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