Friday, 16 April 2010

Malaysian Muslims have very low faith/Iman

Just attended friday prayer this afternoon.

The Imam cite a verse from Prophet Muhammad that had been a guidance
for me all this time:
"If you see something wrong, stop it with your hands if you are
strong, or use your tongue if not strong enough, or at least with your

Unfortunately this is not the complete verse. I only learned this
afternoon that there is an additional phrase:
"If you only use your tongue, it shows that you have a low Iman/Faith
in Islam". This phrase had been hidden from me all these years.

This shows clearly that I have very low Iman because I only know how
to protest with my tongue, not with my hands, i.e. take concrete
actions. Only Anwar Ibrahim and PAS have the right Iman/Faith.
Most of us just do not have the correct amount of faith in Islam. No
wonder I and my statesmen are punished by living in the poorest region
on Earth despite having such abundance of resources and beauty.

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