Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chinese the largest recipient of Hard Core Programs

Despite clear evidences that the Chinese are among the richest ethnic
in Malaysia, they are also the largest recipient of the monthly RM300
hard core poor recipients.

My cousins, who do not have any husband, living in shit infested
place, only receive zinc roofings every election time, relying on
their sons who are paid below poverty level. These sons also have
families of their own to look after despite having such low wages.

This information is told by the Welfare Ministry who handle this hard
core programs with the intention to tell the poor natives to apply for
the hard core poverty eradication programs.

How could this happen in a BN controlled state such as Sabah. These
poor natives are all strong BN supporters and they only demand these
zinc roofs come election days. It never occurred to them to demand the
RM300 per month programs because nobody told them anything.

The simple reason is that, the natives are so poor that they are
uneducated, that they cannot afford even to go to the ministry and
fill up the forms. The chinese, despite being labelled as hard core
poor, can afford the trips and education to fill in the forms.
Probably even bribe the welfare officers to expedite the processing.

The best solution, is the pay all those above the age of 60 RM300 per
month. Only then will it be fair for everybody.

Despite all the UN statistics indicating that the natives are much
poorer than the chinese, it is the natives that get the least
allocation of help for the hard core poor. What is BN's strategy? To
win over the chinese votes while neglecting the natives that have
always supported them stupidly?

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