Monday, 19 April 2010

60MB/s speed

Just installed DLINK 5-port Gigabit Ethernet DGS-1005D for RM150.

I used self-installed and crimped Cat5e cable using. The other PC is
just at the next room but the length of the cable is more than 10m.
I'm surprised that my 5 year old Cat 5e cable can still connect at
such a high speed, despite passing underneath a hot zinc roof.

I used to connect my PS3 at the ground floor using a 10m Cat 5e cable
dangling over the window but for a short while using Fast Ethernet. It
worked but when I connect my old SMC router, b type, with the cable,
it is now damaged and one port of my Linksys Wireless router is
damaged. I am scared of using cables dangling outside our house walls.
It will lead to damage due to induction with lightning. The zinc roofs
and brick walls provide some sort of screening against excessive
induced voltages.

So far there is little need for high speed video streaming for my PS3
because PS3 cannot accept lots of video formats, especially the .mov
format for my camera. Despite having gigabit speed, my PS3 still
cannot be connected to my main PC upstairs. Thinking of the best ways
of drilling through the floor after learning about my damaged port and
router.So near, and yet so far.

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