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USA supports kidnapping

If you don't call Israeli's warrior law kidnapping, what is there to
call kidnapping. Any supporter of this organisation that kidnaps
people are also guilty of kidnapping.

And you know how to deal with kidnappers; you don't negotiate with
them. You don;'t negotiate with lawless people no matter how powerful
they may be, because you don't get anything at all. These lawless
people have no respect for the law.

Just because they have courts of law, does not mean that they have any
respect for the law, because only just laws are respected. Laws that
legalises and supports kidnapping, are not laws, but instruments of

Any intelligent people should know this. No wonder Muslims all over
the world had attacked USA and the West. It is not just Palestinians,
but Muslims of all nationalities.

Citizens of these nations should not expect any mercy if they support
such lawless governments and their policies.

Non-Muslims in Malaysia who support Israel's policies should beware
that these lawless policies be applied to them, and these people don't
deserve any mercy at all. Let them taste their own medicine. I thought
Malaysian ISA and Saddam Hussin's regime are bad, but the US and
Israeli are even worse.

US and Israel deserve the same fate as Saddam's Iraq, i.e. complete

PNA urges Israel to drop controversial prisoners law 2010-01-02 23:32:15 Print
RAMALLAH, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian National Authority
(PNA) on Saturday called on Israel to cancel a controversial law it
uses to hold prisoners without a trial or keep them jailed after their
terms were over.

The PNA "has raised this issue before international circles and
human rights groups and resorted to the Israeli courts to drop the law
but the results were fruitless," Eissa Qaraqe', Palestinian minister
of prisoners affairs, told Xinhua.

This law "violates the Palestinian prisoners' rights and the human
values," he added.

Israel has ratified the "illegal warrior law" in 2002 and applied
it to Palestinians arrested in the Gaza Strip during its three-week
military operation in the Hamas-controlled territory that ended on
January 18, 2009.

Israel also used the law to keep two Lebanese prisoners until it
gets information on the whereabouts of Ron Arad, a fighter pilot who
went missing since his jet crashed over Lebanon in 1986.Later, in
2008, Israel freed the two hostages in a prisoner exchange deal with

In 2007, Hamas seized control in Gaza after it routed security
forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas and a year after it had
captured an Israeli soldier in a cross-border raid near the Gaza
Strip. Since then, Israel deals with Gaza as a hostile entity.

According to Qaraqe', Israel still holds some Gazans without trial
and refused to release others whose imprisonment terms were over.

"Those prisoners are deprived of getting any aid from rights
organizations and their families are not allowed to visit them," he

During last winter offensive in Gaza, Israel arrested about 1,000
Palestinians, said Abdul Nasser Ferwana, a prisoner rights activist.
He said Israel refuses to reveal too much information about those
prisoners "and most of them might have been held under the illegal
warrior law, or killed during the assault but Israel kept their

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