Friday, 15 January 2010

PAS is blasphemous for downgrading Allah into God

If you read the English version of the Bible, in the old testament, it
refers to God as God, not father, lord or son-of-god, Jesus.

When they translate it into Malay, they change the word God into
Allah, instead of Tuhan, to the point that now they insist that when
Muslims pray, it is to be translated into: no god but god, or in
Malay, tiada Allah kecuali Allah, or vice versa, tiada tuhan kecuali

This is blasphemous of the highest kind. PAS is guilty of it for even
supporting such a notion.

There must be valid reasons why Muslims are told to pray in Arabic "la
ILA ha ILLALLAH", or "tiada TUHAN kecuali ALLAH",
i.e. distinguishing the word God from Allah.

I got this idea from a christian poster who insist that the correct
translation of the most important phrase in Islam is " no god but
Now I am beginning to recall many of such cases. Now they will follow
it into Malay by translating god into Allah instead of tuhan.
so they will translate muslim prayer into "tiada allah selain allah".

It may sound similar but it is against the "akidah" of the Muslims. It
means that Allah is not even a god, unless you equate allah as tuhan,
the correct word for god, it will become "tiada tuhan selain tuhan",
and Allah will become another entity apart from tuhan, breaking the
concept of monotheism that is vital in Islam.

For Arabs it is not much of a problem because they all should know
that Allah is a NAME. The translation of Allah into ILA(God) just does
not appear, unless some English idiots want to insist on the Arabs to
change their history and culture to adopt Allah as ILA.

Even Christians wanting to use Allah as the name of their god, does
not appear much of a problem because Allah is also the name of the
pagan God, provided that it is still a name, not a translation of God,
where Arabs will use ILA.

For Malays and people in contact with Malays, it is a very big
problem. Natives in this region always refer to Allah as the NAME of
the Muslim god. All natives also have their own names for their gods,
but all use Tuhan as a translation for God when speaking Malay.

Only Malays speak Malay. Natives in Sabah are mostly non-Malay and
learn Malay as a second language but widely used to communicate among
other natives. The authority of the Malay language should be the Malay
and this is widely accepted, and Malays always translate God into
tuhan, but Allah as the name for the Muslim god, and no other religion
can use that name, in Malay.

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