Monday, 4 January 2010

More lies about Allah as Christian God

I am a Sabah and have studied with Christian class mates of all races
and even went to church.
As primary school children I used to argue with my Christian class
mates about religion but go to their houses to enjoy the Sumazau

One thing is sure. Allah is reserved as a Muslim God but we use the
words Tuhan to describe God. Just because there are a few Allah words
in Indonesian translated bibles in Malay, does not mean that Allah is
widely used in Sabah and Sarawak.

I have never seen Malay bibles until recently. We learn bible in
English. Bibles are also provided in English and this is many years
after Malaysia, in 1967 onwards. My christian friends take pride to
learn the bible in English partly because we cannot find bibles in
Malay in book shops.

To justify wide use of Allah even before Malaysia is just a
preposterous lie. So don't ever claim that Sabahans Christians have
been using Allah as their god even before Malaysia. Even in Sarawak,
my friends who are Sarawakian never mention about the funny culture of
using Allah as a Christian God in Sarawak.

May some cults in the jungle had used Allah hidden from the rest of
Society in Sabah and Sarawak, hiding the Malay bibles. About more than
ten years ago, I began to notice Malay bibles but I don't bother to
read because I read the bible in English and my Christian friends all
read their bibles in English because most of them are well versed in

Even if this were true, that natives in Sabah who are not well versed
in English, read the Malay bibles instead of the English bible but
that could only happen when English was no longer the main medium of
instruction, and cannot be before Malaysia,and most probably not
before 1994.

That means, Allah had never been widely used in Sabah and Sarawak,
even now. Just because there are a few posters put up a few years ago,
does not mean that Christians in Sabah use Allah as their God in their
prayers. Yes, many muslims overhear their prayers in the remote
villages. No mention about using Allah as their god, but condemning
Islam is very frequent indeed. In fact that is what they are good at.
Now this. Failing to condemn Islam by spreading lies about the
violences of Islam, they now resort to confuse Muslims into thinking
that Christianity is compatible with Islam to the point of having the
same concept of god by using Allah as one of the trinity in

You call a chinese scholar a liar but at least he is a scholar. And
you are certainly not. Who do you think people believe first? I am
also a Sabahan and a professional engineer and scholar. I condemn you
as the liar.

Wild accusation from scholar disappointing
Tanak Wagu
Jan 4, 10
I refer to the letter The 'Chinese ethnic Islamic scholar' is his own
worst enemy.
I was shocked to read the article by Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah in
Mingguan Malaysia on Dec 27. Though I am not a reader of Utusan
Malaysia, I decided to check the article out after reading about it

In his article, he had made an unwarranted comment against Christians.
He claims that Christians have only recently decided to use the word
'Allah' and they are doing it for the purpose of confusing Muslims!

It is very disappointing to know that such a wild accusation could
come from a supposedly- esteemed scholar like Tee.

His statement reflects his ignorance. That a scholar could show such
ignorance speaks volumes about the quality of our academicians.

For Tee's information, the word 'Allah' has been used by Christians in
Sabah and Sarawak long before the formation of Malaysia.

With the large presence of Sabahan and Sarawakian Christians in West
Malaysia, it is not surprising to find large quantities of Christian
literature in the Malay language in West Malaysia.

If Tee cannot accept this, then he might as well suggest Sabah and
Sarawak leave Malaysia. One irony of the article he wrote was that the
title seemed to be a criticism of himself.

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