Sunday, 3 January 2010

Is Allah a Malaysian Christian God?

Why should the Malaysian Christians have to resort to blatant lies in
order to spread christianity?

Even the English don't translate Christian God as Allah, despite
having Allah as Arabic words.

The natives in Sabah don't speak Malay. Malay is their second language
so their mastery of the Malay language is doubtful and yet this author
dared to lie that the Christian natives in Borneo have used Allah in
their worship for ages.

All natives know that the translation of god into Malay is Tuhan, not
Allah. Allah is a special god reserved to Muslims only.
Why suddenly the Christians want to copy the Islamic name for Islamic

This is blatant lie and misleading. Lying and Misleading people will
not lead to unity but destruction.

Allah ruling: Najib, be a '1Malaysia PM'
Jan 3, 10 7:57am
'The Christian citizens in Sarawak have been using the word 'Allah'
in their worship for ages as the local natives are all schooled in
Bahasa, thus the churches have to conduct their worship in BM.'

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