Friday, 25 March 2016

Using XBOX360 Wireless Controllers on a PC/Windows 7

My son complained that playing games on a PC is not as good as playing on a console such as XBOX360 or PS4. I persuaded them to use Steam to play games instead of paying exhorbitant prices for PS3/4 games. Much cheaper in Steam especially when there is a sale.

You need a PC Wireless Gaming Receiver. I ordered mine from Aliexpress.

22.37 MYR (US $5.54)

 Install the drivers using this youtube instruction.
Install your device and it will tell that no device drive is found.
Go to device drivers by searching for Device Manager.
Look for unknow devices, right click it,  Update Device Driver, Browse my computer for driver software, Let me pick from a list of device drivers, Microsoft Common Controller for
Windows Class, Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows.

Connect your wireless Xbox360 wireless controller to the gaming receiver. Use the following link.

It involved pressing the setup button for a long time. A few seconds. Too short a time, it will not work.

You can test it by going to the Devices  and right clicking Gaming controllers, left clicking Game controller settings then properties.

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