Monday, 21 March 2016

The next ideal Car Accessory: DVR for Front and Back

I got the idea from this company. He demonstrated the dashboard camera at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu. This dashboard camera can record both front and rear cameras. His cheapest, a Full HD recorder, costs RM300 without installation.

Sabahan importer of Dashboard camera and DVR
I started searching at the online stores. I bought two such DVR recorders with dual cameras and supposedly recording both of them at the same time. Mine only cost RM180 including postage, during cheap sale period, from Aliexpress.

I am not sure how good these cameras are but at this price, it is reasonable to experiment with. There are other versions with GPS but I do not see any sense in doing that. It may come handy as a navigation tool. Istallation is easy. Just fix the front camera and DVR to the rear view mirror and connect the charger to the cigerate lighter. It means that it is portable. The rear camera is more difficult to install but we can install it at the location of the third brake light or just stick it to the rear view mirror using a double sided tape. We should be able to install these cameras in rental cars also.

The DVR that I ordered is the second most expensive. It only lacks the antishake function and GPS. The reason why I ordered this more expensive version is its purported ability to record both front and rear cameras at the same time with various modes. Some cheaper versions do not have simultaneous modes. It also has the motion detection so that it can be used as a car theft alarm. For discussions and reviews of the various functions of car DVR by searching through google: "car DVR review".

I started by preparing to install rear view cameras but they are not so useful. Reverse sensors are just as useful. I had installed a DVR only but it did not last long because its battery ran out and I do not bother to see the recorded pictures. This time it is different. In one package we have a DVR and reverse camera at the same time. Hopefully its battery lasts long enough.

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