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My acceptance to Stanford University in 1982

I was admitted to Stanford University in 1982 but did not go because the approval for my study loan from Sabah Foundation was too late. I finally got the load to go to Stamford University, which is a different university. Probably due to misspelling and shows that the administrator at Sabah Foundation at that time is not well versed with the standard of world wide universities. When I tried to reapply in 1983, I was finally rejected but managed to get accepted to Edinburgh University. I did not regret it because Edinburgh is a good university. Among the best in the world but not as highly rated as Stanford.

Edinburgh was ideal for me because of my intention to learn about compilers and microelectronic fabrication which was the reason why I chose Stanford University. In this respect, Edinburgh is better. Edinburgh had developed the first Silicon Compiler, which was called First.

I relooked at my GRE examination results and compare it with others.
Among the best source is the webpage,
You can also download a free ebook.

I took the GRE test twice. One in June 1982 at Kuala Lumpur, the other in December, 1982 in Tokyo.
My scores vary a lot. My highest score for verbal is 410 in Dec, which is just slightly higher than the mean for the blacks in the 1996-1997 GRE test. The highest mean for the white male was 512. My score of 410 was also given as a percentage of 31%.

Verbal test is basically an English comprehension test. I never get such a low mark for my English comprehension test. It could be due to the type of questions being asked and my distorted understanding of the phrases.

My quantitative test, which is just simple Form 3 mathematics to me, I scored very highly.  720 or 91%. The highest mean for the whites did not reach higher than 550 but Asians can reach as high as 620 mean. Please note that many testers managed to get 800 marks for the various tests.
According to this website,,
 "2.3% of White students scored higher than 800 in GRE Analytical, 10% of Asian men scored higher than 800 in GRE Quantitative, and 0.1% of White women scored higher than 800 in GRE Verbal." shows that I am also not qualified to be a Mensa member. My score of 1130 is not good enough. I need to score 1250. When you include analytical score, it should be 1875 but I managed to score only 1540. My analytical score dropped from 480 to 410 compared to the mean of 580 for whites and Asian Americans. Analytical score is just like a IQ test. They test relationships of people and other objects. My level was the same as Puerto Rican, just slightly higher than blacks. is a trial test for the GRE. I finished all 20 questions.

Your predicted GRE® Quantitative score range is 153-160
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Your predicted GRE® Verbal score range is 130-151
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 The score is now 130-170. My verbal score is still very low compared to my quantitative score. I finished the verbal score very quickly.



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