Saturday, 12 March 2016

My TOEFL result

Just look at the website which shows the results of people taking the TOEFL. The English native speaker can only score 21 for the reading test, similar to Malay speaking examinee. Writing is also the same, 23. It is only listening that the native English speaker can score slightly higher at 23, compared to 22 for Malay speaking people. for results in 1977 which should show how well I perform. My total score of 633 is above the mean of the highest scoring nations, the South African at 616. Page 73 for Americas. Page 36 for Africas. Malaysia, only 559, on page 114. Pdf reader can search text files. UK only 540 which means that Malaysia is better.

The highest in Asia is Singapore and Sri Lanka, with 568.

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